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Yootoome is an exciting new app for all types of users. Yootoome’s primary use is connecting you to your friends, family, and business colleagues over a specific time period. You can send a Yootoome to an individual or a group. Yootoome shows you their “Yootoome Time of Arrival” or YTA and you can follow their path on the map, extend connections and countdown to their arrival to you or a pin you place on the map. There are lots of features built inside Yootoome to help you manage your time and not be concerned about constantly picking up the phone or texting to see where everyone is. Yootoome is great for meeting friends at the mall, dinner parties, sports activities, keeping connected with your friends while getting in a an Uber cab, or an important business meeting. In fact, there are many scenarios where Yootoome will help keep your day and night time activities running smoothly. After all “Its your time”.

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