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10 Signs You Need to Hire a Design Company for Your Website

A website is an absolute necessity to compete in your industry. However, a poorly designed website can turn off people from ever picking up the phone or contacting your company. Learn when it is time to hire a website design company for your business.

Why Hire a Website Design Company?

These are 10 signs that a fresh take is necessary for your website to make a positive first impression and grow a following.

1. Trends change and expert website designers know which ones will make a difference to your website function. Website Designers can select the best technologies and features to suit your website.

2. Outdated features and coding may be slowing down your website loading speed and turning away prospects. Website Designers can identify, adapt or remove features causing load times of over 3 seconds.

3. Poor website functionality may be deterring viewers from exploring your site or impeding a purchase. Website Designers can make it easier for users to navigate your website.

4. A boost in ranking is related to SEO and user-friendly mobile versions of a website. Website Designers can implement tagging, design and strategy to get your site a first-page ranking.

5. High bounce rate means that viewers see your landing page but then immediately leave. Website Designers can change customer behavior and keep viewers looking longer.

6. Brittle coding may make your old website inflexible and obsolete. Website Designers can create a website platform that with coding that is flexible and adaptable to new technologies.

7. Analytics were not integrated with the website when developed. Website Designers partner with clients to implement technologies, gather information and review data for improved future performance.

8. Traffic is not close to approaching desired levels. Website Partners can retool your website to integrate it with desired social media platforms and advertising initiatives to bring more of your target audience to you.

9. Old feature-laden websites are not performing well. Website Designers can lighten the load and improve performance across all current devices.

10. You know that a new or updated website is necessary and it is gathering dust on your list. Expert Website Designers get you the website you need without the headache, providing advice and insight into your current and future website development plans.

Get Help from Website Design Experts

Your investment in a well-conceived, feature-rich and well-designed website pays off in dividends. Impress your viewers. Contact Tag Team Design at 303-997-5361 or to improve the customer experience and your conversion rates today. Request a Quote Today