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Best Places to Advertise Online

All it takes is knowing where to go to get started and find your success.

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Don’t you find it odd when you’re on social media or looking for something on Google then, seemingly out of nowhere, an ad pops up for something you were just thinking about?

This seems to happen a lot right? I know I find it a bit off-putting. Even when I’ve searched for something a few days prior, then all of a sudden that same product is in my Facebook feed, reminding me that I need to purchase that razor sooner rather than later. Sure, it can be a bit eerie at first but it’s to be expected nowadays. We’ve come too far into the digital age to even register this as an unusual thing anymore. Instead, let’s think of this as an opportunity. Before, it used to be that when you started a business you had to work tooth and nail in your local area to build your business from the ground up. If you could make it in your local area then you could move on to working nationally and hopefully worldwide eventually. This could be a long, arduous process that would inevitably consume tons of resources. To be clear, I’m not diminishing the idea of hard work because at the end of the day, starting out locally and building a business from the ground up is incredibly admirable. Many titans of industry have done this throughout the years of American history and, today, these are some of the most revered names in our history. Yet, they utilized the resources they had at the time and this is what dictated the rise of their businesses. They used their cunning along with the technology of the time to build and build, but if the greatest technology you have is railroads, well you’re just limited. One thing we can extract from their process is that they used the resources available to them to the utmost and became very successful due to their insight into technological growth.


Speaking as a millennial, it seems that technology has received such a bad rap within my years. Many say it has become the bane of socialization, dividing people instead of bringing them together and it can only get worse from here. Many fear the reach of big brother is everywhere and we’re all being listened to or monitored on a constant basis. Maybe if you’re not used to it then it can throw you for a loop but looking at it as a whole, it really is nothing to fear. Rather, technology represents an incredible opportunity within our lifetime to connect with the world in a far greater way than ever before. One thing that seems to never get said is that with that start of anything, ever, there is always doubt and speculation of the darkness that lies behind innovation but in the end we always see our way through. It’s human nature to doubt the validity of anything new that will change our perception. I would contend that reservation is what makes this technology so incredible because it makes us think critically while developing anything to make sure that we safeguard against possible negative outcomes that may come from any developments. Even in the case of social media; it’s been a little over ten years since Facebook really broke through to become the biggest social media site on the planet. Many have complained about the negative effects it has had on the many generations that have lived through it, saying it has pulled people away from each other. On the other hand, I’ve yet to hear many people talk about any sort of causality on a positive note. Could it be the social media has presented us with an opportunity to disconnect from each other so that we may eventually realize what we’ve been missing out on. From this we can mature to understand the need of community and move back towards becoming more connected in real life, giving us the ability to still live with each other while being connected around the world.


I promise that wasn’t just a tangent but relevant. It was to help any readers with doubt about technology, realize the wonderful possibilities that it has but sometimes it means thinking outside the ideas that you might be used to already and stepping into the future to find the success you know you can achieve. What I’m saying is that once you can learn to embrace the capabilities of technology, you will realize that you no longer have to start building up only locally but have the opportunity to build your business around the world with access to 7.5+ billion people. With that said I should also say; easier said than done. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of opportunity out there but it is not going to just happen overnight. It still takes hard work and a relentless drive but the mode of delivery has changed, giving rise to the possibility of growing internationally far easier than it ever was before.


All it takes is knowing where to go to get started and find your success. Luckily Tag Team Design’s here to help you out. We’ve spent countless hours researching the most effective platforms and places online to build your business in the best way possible. To give you a better idea we’ll break it down into two categories; e-commerce (product based businesses) and service based advertising (i.e. denver web design, denver backlink building, denver seo, denver mobile apps services like us).



One of the most popular selling platforms today. More than likely you’ve heard of Shopify being that it has become so popular. With a great ease of use and an incredibly popular brand, Shopify makes it easy to feature any of your products to get it into the hands of shoppers.

Google Ads

Google Merchant Account/Center

Google Ads is probably the most well known and most widely used platform(s) on this list. For the last 20+ years Google has made its money on advertising so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the best way to find success. While controlling 94% + of the searches in the world, Google Ads gives you an incredibly broad audience to appeal to. The nice part about it is that, ironically enough, because there are so many ways to advertise (CPC, Organic Results, Google Rankings, Google Business, Google Reviews, etc.) you have many different avenues you can travel down to become more and more successful over time. It really depends on where you want to focus your energy. If you have the money for it then Google Ads is a great way to go and you even have the option of creating your own merchant account to put your products on display, allowing for more specified clicks to your website because people are seeing your products first hand before clicking. For those businesses that are trying to save money then organic results can steadily be brought up over time, mind you, this can take a fair amount of time especially if your industry is one of the more competitive ones. The pro here is that you have an incredibly wide range as far as audience goes and connecting your Google Analytics account to it can give you an idea about exactly who is clicking on your ads or website so that you can narrow your ads down to a specific audience over time and therefore have more effective ads/conversions. The con is that with so much going on, it can really take some time to get to know the wide array of tools at your fingertips. Google is not for beginners but the sooner you get started the sooner you are on your way to mastering one of the biggest selling resources on the planet.


There’s plenty of people in the world that are on instagram (roughly over 500 million daily users) but did you know the potential power behind it? One thing that comes to mind immediately is that it is a picture based platform. Why is the useful? Tons of studies have shown that for any type of post on the internet having pictures attached to it makes it more likely to get clicked on. Imagine being able to show pictures of your products to get people to check them out. This can be a very effective way to of getting people to click with the intent to buy because if they know what it looks like then they’ll click on it knowing they need it. This is not the case exactly but I’m sure you see the point here, it’s just another way to make sure that your marketing is truly effective. Plus, with the amount of people that log on there daily you’ve got some good odds working in your favor.


With roughly 100 million active users a month, Pinterest is another way of presenting a visual for your products to get people started on the right foot. This is also another way to advertise for free, if you don’t mind a bit of a hustle. You also have the option for paid advertising but, if you haven’t picked up on it already, I am a big proponent of visual advertising and this is one of the bigger ones out there for it. By giving your potential customers the ability to see a product before they even go to it, you can refine your conversion process to make it clear that someone is going to click on your product link with a bigger intent to buy.


Google Ads

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business, Google Reviews

Although I’ve already mentioned this, it’s worth saying it again due to the broad range of tools available from Google. Google has such a vast array of tools available for advertising your products or services that depending on what you’re advertising exactly it can completely change how you go about doing it. When using Google for advertising services it takes on a different tone than actual products advertising (which would have more of an emphasis on product pictures). In this case you would be using Google Ads that focus more on your “sales” wording, meaning, provocative text that can be catered to particular audiences that would be interested in your services depending on your research. This is where we would find a major change away from the e-commerce side of things. With this we start to venture into the side of Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Start by setting up a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account, then getting those connected to your Google Ads account (it should prompt you to connect these on the Ads home screen). It’s going to take a bit of research (keyword research tool in Google Ads) to get started but once you do from there Analytics and Search Console will do the heavy lifting in monitoring where your traffic is coming from exactly, giving you measurements for impressions, CTR (click-through rate), clicks, and conversions. Once your campaign is complete you’ll be able to analyze the data to further narrow down your targeting based on specific demographics that could help drastically increase your conversion rate.


While it’s true nowadays that other platforms have become more “mainstays” of the social media world, at least referred to more often, Facebook is still the biggest in the world. Some people find success on Facebook, while others don’t. This is simply the nature of advertising and how you place your ads. With roughly 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook still presents one of the biggest opportunities on the internet to get your service known. It may not be as “popular” but just looking at the amount of monthly users should tell you something there. It also has one of the most versatile research tools out there; Audience Insights. This is an incredible tool to use being that there are so many people on Facebook daily/monthly. With Audience Insights it will allow you to narrow down your target audience based on classic demographics like gender or location but will even allow you to go as far as looking up what pages your audience tends to like more or who they follow so you can make your advertising even more specific.


Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but one of the biggest growing digital advertising opportunities is now through customized videos. Videos seemed to have saturated the market. They seem to be everywhere today, including any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This presents a great way to get your brand out there whether it be instructional videos, advertisements, or funny videos (the list goes on and on, it just depends on your brand). Despite videos being everywhere, the premier platform to get your custom videos out there is still YouTube. With roughly 1.8 billion active monthly users (people logged in), it is fast approaching Facebook is the most used platform on the internet, all because of the rise of video. Did you know that YouTube also offers featured video ads that you can display on other popular videos? How is that you think all these channels on YouTube make money? They have advertisements on their videos to support them making more videos. So why not create your own custom video on your phone for your business and feature it on one of the most used platforms in the world?

Backlink Building Services/Personal Blog

Paid advertising is a great way to get your brand out there fast but unfortunately due to the nature of advertising it is not always the most trusted method. Not to say that it does not work but when it comes to paid advertising, companies with bigger brand names are more likely to be trusted. For the smaller companies, the branding aspect presents a bit more of a hurdle. This is where your organic rankings come into play. Not saying this is going to be the easiest way to get yourself out there, not to mention it is the most time consuming, but is definitely the best thing to do for your overall branding. Did you know that roughly 94% of searches made in the world are done on Google. This means that your organic ranks can dictate exactly how people receive your brand. This will also help with recognition of your brand, meaning, that if people see your advertisements and they’ve heard of you they are more likely to buy from you. You might be thinking at this point, how is it that you build up your organic rankings?

Many people have probably heard of SEO, but not many are familiar with the actual application of it (how it’s done). I’m not saying this is something you’re going to get overnight. In fact, it can take a lot of time to actually develop good rankings and with so many companies out there offering SEO services, it can be hard to tell what needs to happen exactly. I’ll leave up to you as the intelligent reader to research further but, by a big margin, the two top things you want to start today are backlink building and personal blog posting (2 to 4 times a month). Google is always changing the ranks of sites based on the amount of good, original content they have. Everything can be fine and dandy with your expertly built service pages but if you don’t keep adding new content to your site, then Google will have no need to label you as an expert (where’s the proof?) and have no need to push people to your site to learn more about whatever search query they typed in. The idea is to put your knowledge out there so that Google and the people will regard you as an expert in your field so that when they need help, they will call you knowing you have what they need. With your constant creation of content, you’re going to also want to have links pointing from trusted sites to your content. Think of these backlinks as endorsements for your content, meaning, Google Search works as somewhat of a rating system, the more backlinks you have pointing to your pages the better and more trusted they are by the internet (as long as the sites pointing to them have high trust scores). This lends an incredible amount of credibility to the content that your publishing so you can actually be established as an expert. If you really think about it, just about anybody can post something on the internet but unless it has endorsements you don’t actually know if that information is accurate.

I know the organic results can seem a bit heralding, especially if you haven’t done it before, but I promise the more you work at it on a consistent basis the more you’re going to benefit long-term.