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Facebook Marketing

When advertising any product it is important to keep in mind how your message will be interpreted.
Facebook Marketing

Chances are that you are more than well acquainted with social media and the various advertisements that are on any platform. Social media advertising has proven itself to be big money for any platform willing to give businesses targeted advertising opportunities. This also proves to be a great opportunity for any business that’s willing to take advantage of it. Don’t get me wrong though, sales and business opportunities are not just handed to you because you started advertising or building a following on social media. It still takes A LOT of hard work. Putting in the hours while getting smarter is what will eventually get you to the top of the Denver SEO. With that being said, getting smarter about your marketing strategy on Facebook is easier said than done. You could go on YouTube and find hundreds of gurus that will give you the “perfect” tutorial on how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales within a week or a month. Are these great ways of making money? Well…potentially. I can’t discount any technique that someone has come up with to help others succeed but the question you have to ask is, “why give this information away for free” and “if you need to charge for it…does it actually work”. Truth is, there is no easy way to go about marketing because, more than likely, there’s already a ton of competition in your chosen field online. Hence, you need to get smarter but what does this entail exactly? Besides giving you just some sort of vague notion about educating yourself, I’m gonna go over various techniques (more quick tid bits to look further into yourself) both organically and paid that you can try to get your business to the mountaintop.

Facebook Marketing

Organic & Paid


Organic SEO

Use Facebook Videos for Engagement

If you’ve been on the internet anytime in the last two or three years then you’ve probably noticed a trend going on of people making either live videos or video advertisements. The reason for this is because it has proven invaluable as a marketing technique. When making videos it can give people that sense as if they are there or in the case of live streaming they can actually interact with you in real time. This also allows for people to see the “human” side of a business, essentially, letting them know that there is a face behind a business and can add a sense of trust being that they know there’s someone there that cares.

Use Engagement Driven Content (Not Click Bait)

Within the past year, Facebook has made a pledge to change it’s platform to one that puts precedence on community engagement that is meant to get people talk more with each other rather than pushing advertisements to drive its revenue. With this they have changed their algorithm so that it no longer pushes click bait but will push posts that drive engagement instead. Instead of looking at this as a detriment to business accounts, you should see this as more of an opportunity to become more “customer first” to drive your branding and really interact with potential customers/clients. You can take advantage of this by posting or sharing content that promotes engagement from your friends like asking a question.

Connect and Share Content With Like-minded People

Whenever you start doing your research and learning about marketing, the term you’re probably going to hear the most is “target audience”. The idea behind this is that when you’re marketing any product or service you’re going to want to get it in front of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. If you really think about it, how effective will your marketing efforts be if they’re presented to people who don’t have any interest in what you offer, they’re simply not going to buy anything and you will not succeed. However, being that Facebook is so big, with thousands of different groups and pages that are dedicated to specific types of products or services, you can actually find like-minded people to connect with over time. Mind you, this does take some time to actually do research to find people that will be interested but it is definitely possible, all while giving you the stage to promote at a more successful rate.

Invite People to Your Company Page

You may or may not know about this option but chances are you’ve received at least a few of these requests. Truth is, any business can do this. It is also a great way of growing your brand. Think about all the time you spent building up your friend’s list with like minded people and now half (or more) of those people like your page to give you the stamp of approval to others on Facebook. Not only does this give your business a backing that says you are a trustworthy brand but it allows you to gain a higher spot on showing up on friends’ timelines so that they can share your message even more.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is another way of connecting with great people that happen to be interested in the same thing as you! The best part is it is as easy as searching for “Denver web design” [insert your keyword or interest instead] + group. Depending on what you’re searching for, it may take some time to find specific groups that you would want to be apart of that also has a good deal of members and for you to get approved to be in said group, but after you’ve joined it would give you the fantastic opportunity to interact with like-minded people while promoting your own content. The only thing I can recommend is to not post too much of your own stuff or you’ll risk getting kicked out of the group.

Post Regularly Without Exception


Facebook PPC

When you start doing more research into Facebook Advertising, you’re going to find A LOT of advice/recommendations on how to succeed. I’m not going to tell you that you should discount any advice because chances are if someone’s written about it then they’ve achieved at least some level of success with their ads. The one thing I will say though is that with all advice you should take it with a grain of salt and make sure that you have thoroughly vetted the advice. The best way to approach this is to continue doing your research to see how many times you can come across (posted recently) the same type of advice. If you’ve seen the same thing repeated at least a few times then chances are there is some credibility behind what you’re seeing. With that being said, we’ve gone ahead and went through quite a few pieces to see what some tactics you can focus on for success are (this is also including our own experience).

Headlines, Descriptions (Matching Speech Patterns of Your Audience), Images, & Colors

Best Times to Post On Different Social Media Networks


A/B Testing