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Building The Perfect Team

With the right combination, we can accomplish anything as a group.
Team building - Leadership

Do not think of just the classic idea of what a team is, rather, contemplate what we have been able to accomplish with the combination of individual ideas over time.  Similar passions, melding together to create a fire that leaves nothing but greatness in it’s wake.  Our team that can accomplish anything it desires.  This is what we’ve shown ourselves through the growth of our society.  With the right combination, we can accomplish anything as a group.  The power is in us to create that which powers our innovation…with the right members.

What is it that unites a group of different people together to accomplish something great? This is the question you should start with before ever considering who you are going to want on your team. It is the most important question of all because it is the starting point for building anything; a crystal-clear goal.

Your goal is everything. It is your motivation to go through all the small, tedious details that no one will notice. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you moving forward even when you question the point. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning to continue your masterpiece. Without it, there is no great team that can be unified by a singular objective. The goal is unique to each case whether it be to create a free, limitless energy source or to invent an app that allows someone to talk with their dog (Google dog translate?). Either way, it is what brings distinctly different people together to construct something incredible.

When you have that goal, what is it that you are looking for in a team?

Think of all the industry specific parts you would need first.

For a Denver company specializing in IT staffing, web/mobile development, or any software development company we would start with those with the most experience.

Below are the seven personality types that describe a great team.



Every great team needs a leader that sees the vision through and unifies all other personalities together.  The leader comes in many different forms, never being held by one type.  This may be someone that puts their people first, often trying to mold a fluidity so long-term projects are easily accomplished.  It could be someone that tackles issues head-on, confronting discourse between members before it snowballs into something worse.  Through and through, the leader always has the end-line vision in mind no matter what other issues may pop up during the course of the project.  They serve as the guiding force to keep all things on track in a timely manner, making sure all facets of the project are secure. For example: Take Tag Team Design, our leader would look for those that would cater to every facet of building our Denver SEO profile or Denver web design profile, such as, programmers, marketing specialists, etc.


“The glue.” This person has a tendency to cultivate camaraderie between all the personalities. This serves an essential piece of bringing everyone together, giving way to an atmosphere of fun at work. What is hard work without it being enjoyable? This can be seen easily, right away in a gregarious personality that just has that likableness to them. Maybe something you can’t quite put your finger on but you know is there. For example: a Denver web design firm would look to hire someone that understands all parts to a minor amount, as to help work between all departments.


The disruptor has a tenacious nature for finding the answer to any question. They will always do their due diligence in finding the answer because they are always taken by concepts of understanding even the smallest details. This can be a key piece when the monotonous details of a project need to be understood to lend to the overall functionality of any project. They find joy in diving down the rabbit hole to see where it leads. This may lead to them discovering “disrupting factors” like needing to revisit previously finished parts or changing up design schemes to enhance your project in all its uniqueness. For example: a Denver SEO company would employ a disruptor to furiously research more linking opportunities (which can require tons of research).


The resident expert. This does not mean they are a know-it-all (a key difference between positive and negative contribution) but they have spent tons of time in an area that they may have a natural inclination for. These are the people with a vast understanding of technical information within your project. This can be seen through academic achievement or years of experience in a field (sometimes even both). There is no need to discount someone for a lack of education, you may even find that your expert strayed away for school in pursuit of learning a subject on their own and spent the years pursuing this subject matter in lieu of academia. For example: For our Denver web design firm, we would look for experts in digital marketing, someone that knows all the in’s and out’s to guide our projects.


The one that loves to organize with a passion. A notable distinction between the architect and the composer is that the composer is concerned with the big picture, whereas the architect is obsessed with the smallest details and making sure every little part is as it should be. They are the ones that will understand the minuscule, often overlooked, details of the project and make sure they are taken care of. This will guarantee assurance in the comprehensive smoothness to the project. For example: For the purpose of building our Denver SEO profile, we often write articles that require someone to look over the details of these articles to make sure they are optimized.


Another detail and vision person, with a key difference. The dreamer is the person that provides the uniqueness to the project. This could be seen with the aesthetics of the project presentation or unique capabilities of it. This is the person that will often think outside of the box; the dreamer with bigger hopes even if it is at the cost of reality. For example: For our Denver web design firm, we would want someone that sees what everyone else is doing and goes in the opposite direction, providing a much needed uniqueness to every project.


The rainmaker provides the paramount role for the team. This may seem counter-intuitive to say but they open up the channels of communication between all members and are not afraid to approach anyone with questions or concerns. Although many will say they have great communication skills, this is not normally the case. The communicator has a rare gift of being able to speak concisely to many different types of personalities, all while speaking the same language of many different people to maintain synergy. For example: In our Denver web design/Denver SEO firm, there are a lot of small moving parts that require tons of attention to detail. Generally speaking, people will have a tendency to get burned out when constantly probing for tiny details. The rainmaker will help with getting everyone to talk to each other so as all those small moving parts move together.
How we create our team is different to all of us. Depending on where you fall within the personalities will change who you need to hire and who you work best with will determine the outcome. Subjectivity will weigh heavily in your decision but by understanding the different personality types, you can inject some objectivity and hopefully find yourself in a place of incredible success.

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