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LinkedIn Marketing

Just looking at the facts you can see that LinkedIn is actually a very effective tool when it comes to building up your business.

What do you think of when you hear “LinkedIn”? Maybe just another social media site that you tend to use from time to time. Maybe you use it to post some articles or read up on some business news, just to keep a little updated with what’s going on.


Maybe, just maybe, you utilize the totally awesome power of LinkedIn to acquire new leads to help in your marketing efforts.

Like it’s contemporaries, LinkedIn can be a great tool for your marketing efforts when utilized in the proper way. This doesn’t mean bombarding random people/businesses with messages about your service. Instead, like any good marketer, you are wanting to target a specific audience that is IN NEED of your help (you know, like people that are actually looking for help). The question that looms is how are you going to find said people? This is not going to be the easiest task in the world but it’s better than creating a bad reputation for yourself online as a spammer that doesn’t try to help anyone but rather the business to avoid.

Given the fact that LinkedIn has about 300 million active users (roughly 40% of those users get on daily) then you’re going to want to maximize your ability to attract business rather than bombarding those that don’t want it. The question remains the same though, how is it that you attract people to your profile or find people that are actually looking for your kind of services? The answer is that there are two ways to approach it, organically or paid. We’ll cover both here in this post but, as always, paid is going to be the best way to get in front of the right people quickly. That’s not to say that it is more effective than organic, actually organic marketing on LinkedIn is far more effective (like most platforms) but requires a ton of energy and time so it’s really up to you and your business as to how you want to approach it.

LinkedIn Marketing

Organic & Paid


Optimize Your Profile (Including Keywords in Header)

This is going to be the first thing you’re going to want to do. Optimizing your profile is going to parallel the many practices of SEO being that you’re going to have to figure out which keywords your target audience would be searching. You’re going to want to focus on this in your headline mostly, adding specific keywords that are industry specific that potential clients would search for. You’re also going to want to optimize your profile for your experience so that when people have done a search and your business comes up, you have the experience listed to prove that you are the business that they’re looking for.

Post Frequently (Videos If Possible)

This is a bit of a debated aspect being that there’s no established amount of times you want to post so the best idea is the more the better. It really depends on your time constraints and the size of your business. If you’re running a business with 5 people and that doesn’t include a writer then chances are your time is pretty short so getting a few posts up a month is going to be what you’re aiming for with the eventual idea in mind that you want to increase that as much as you possibly can up to once a day. Along with this you’re also going to want to consider if it is in your budget to create video posts. This is the most in demand type of content out there. There’s just something about the human aspect of a video that really engages people and makes them want to find out more.

Relevant Hashtags

These are still pretty new to LinkedIn but if you’re familiar with any other social media platforms then you have an idea of what to do here. In the case of LInkedIn you are going to want to be somewhat conservative being that hashtags are so new. Try keeping them to maybe 2 or 3 at the most and making them industry relevant. Keep in mind that this isn’t Instagram and is more business professional so limit it to what people might be searching for.

Interact In the Comments

This is a big one. No one is going to be interested in coming back if you just seem like a robot that doesn’t care about the generous people that are taking time out of their day to show you support. You’ve got to let people know that you appreciate their support by commenting back on their comments. Even if it’s something small, it is a great way to show appreciation and to engage someone in an honest conversation about their opinion on matters. Even if it differs from yours, it allows for the possibility of getting to know your fan base and possibly expand your own opinion which could help with other follow up pieces or just ways to introduce new concepts to content you’ve already created.

Interact With Your Industry

When I see interact with your industry, I mean joining groups within your industry. By doing this you’ll be able to communicate with those in the industry to borrow from their experiences to see what works and what doesn’t. This will also allow for you to go through posts to see what topics are trending, so to say, and will allow for you to come up with even more content ideas without having to go through a bunch of tools.


More than likely, you’re familiar with Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising but did you know that LinkedIn is an incredibly effective tool for paid advertising as well? It’s probably not the first name that comes to mind but after reading some of the statistics about you might start to think otherwise.

Check out these facts about LinkedIn advertising from Sprout Social:

Just looking at those facts you can see that LinkedIn is actually a very effective tool when it comes to building up your business. Being that these are coming from the mouths of actual marketers then you know there’s something to it, especially seeing how many senior level positions readily use LinkedIn for their companies’ strategy, it makes it even more appealing.

More than likely if you’re reading this then you’re not too familiar with LinkedIn advertising but don’t feel too bad, it seems more common that people advertise on Facebook or Google. There’s nothing wrong with those tools by any means but you could be missing out on quite a bit of opportunity just by shrugging off LinkedIn because it’s not your classic social media advertising platform. Nonetheless it’s best for you to familiarize yourself with advertising on the platform whether or not you are a marketing professional or the CEO.

I’ll go over the critical steps you need to know when it comes to setting up your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Familiarize Yourself With Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Ad Format

Creating Ads, Targeting Ads, & Setting Up Your Budget

Optimize Your Campaign