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CSS Tricks You Might Not Have Known About

Overall, programming is meant to make lives easier. In the case of programmers and designers this happens as well. Going from BASIC to HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc, on the internet is a world of difference. As it goes, work is never done though and improvements are being made every day. This is great news for those of us that utilize these programming languages every day. It’s even better news when you find out about a few things that you didn’t even know you could before.


Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Help You Succeed in 2019

It’s all so great…until you realize those visitors had fun playing around but never managed to find their way to the e-commerce side of your site where all your products are sold. Turns out that when you sell products, a beautiful site isn’t going to help you sell anything when you don’t have an easily visible link to your products displayed promptly near the top of your homepage or you don’t have a preview section for featured products somewhere on your homepage.