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Build A Mobile App

Top 10 Tools for Prototyping, App Development, and App Store Optimization Solutions

So you’re going to build a mobile app?

Awesome! Where to start?

We have a great resource list for you today under a three-step process, for everything you’ll need to build your ideal app.


Also, download and share our How to Build a Mobile App Infographic.

Build A Mobile App

Read the top three tools for 2016 and how you can make best use of them today!

Top 10 Tools for Prototyping, App Development, and App Store Optimization Solutions

Top 10 Prototyping Tools

Don’t forget your prototyping tools! The mobile application prototyping process is the most important step in building your businesses mobile app. Having a strong prototype that effectively demonstrates screen transitions, touch gestures, interactive action, templates, scrollable containers and other design features of your app assist in “Seeing the full picture” of your app before any development begins. Remember, the UX and UI of an app is what makes people love your app!


Moqups is an HTML5 powered app used to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts and/or prototypes. This is an online builder that gives you access to various custom visual tools for arranging elements. is designed to prototype on mobile devices, has expanded to allow users to prototype apps for anything with a screen interface. utilizes a drag and drop user interface (UI) and does not require coding.


Built by Facebook, Origami allow is free and allows you to create using different interactions and user interfaces. Quickly put together prototypes then, test, iterate and export on your devices.


Build and setup with Xcode and iTunes connect, you can get your app ready for testers, invite testers and use the Testlfight app in the App Store.

Go Mockingbird

Mock up your idea fact with Mockingbird’s drag and drop elements. Link pages and collaborate with others!

Invision App

Allows you to upload your own content, including custom design files and add animations, gestures, transitions for a clickable, interactive prototype.


Allows designers to quickly and effectively make interactive prototypes includes Sketch import.

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC allows you to create comps right on your phone or tablet and is compatible with your Adobe Creative Cloud Library.

Created for professional designers, Atomic has an easy to follow interface creating prototypes and adding layers, interactions and transitions.


Used by some of the top design teams, Principle is powered by Core Animation, the hardware-accelerated animation engine that iOS and OS X are built on.

Top 10 App Development Platforms

Development platforms allow your app to come to life, either with the assistance of coding or without it. Building a successful mobile application from the ground up that aligns with your business goals and that looks functional and responsive across every device can be achieved by applying our list below.

Used by over 300,00 developers for fast results and latest technologies like Bootstrap and AngularJS. Includes collaboration features.


Created especially for gamers, easy to use with loadable art, sound effects and music.


MobileRoadie allows for app creation and mobile marketing all-in-one. You can upload all your content and use grid layouts to create your ideal design. Includes photo, video and audio features.

The AppBuilder

Enterprise apps that engage and grow businesses by driving employee collaboration, efficiency and responsiveness.

Good Barber

With Good Barber you can design, add content, check and publish your app for mobiles and tablets.

Appy Pie

App Pie is a free DIY Mobile App Builder. Using drag and drop functionality you can create your app quickly and efficient.

App Machine

Build a professional native app for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.


#91 of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies. No coding needed, use built-in tools to integrate images, RSS feeds and social media content.

App Makr

In only 20 minutes, you can build an app with App Makr that’s available all over the world, for just $1 a month.


ShoutEm includes content building, advertising, events, e-commerce, social , local, catalogs and push features.

Top 10 App Store Optimization Solutions

At Tag Team Design, we know the right marketing mix is crucial to the success of your mobile app. Creating the right mobile app strategy paired with specific mobile app marketing tactics will dramatically increase your success. These mobile app marketing strategies fall under five distinct categories:

– Mobile App Marketing
– Mobile App Go-To-Market
– Mobile App Launch
– Mobile App Analytics
– Mobile App Advertising

Sensor Tower

The leading platform for app store optimization and app industry intelligence.


APPlyzer offers insights in your apps daily and hourly ranking performance for all global app stores.

App Annie

App Annie delivers data and insights to succeed in the app economy with an analytics platform, market data intelligence and ASO stats.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is helping thousands of apps acquire millions of users through their mobile data intelligence and actionable insights.

Search Man

Search Man is a data galore for App Store SEO & Competitive Intelligence, with search visibility, keyword discovery and ad optimization.


The best performance tracking tool for any iPhone and iPad application from top 300 category listings of all countries.


Perform App Store SEO, track your competitors, check out popular keywords, dispense your promo codes effectively.


Helps find more of your best users and maximize your ad spend through our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology.


The Tune Marketing Console is the first complete marketing stack for mobile. Think of it as your mission control for mobile.

App Figures

Combines sales & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, and other data into easy to understand reports.

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