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4 Reasons to Blog on Your Business Website

Your website looks great. The design is flawless and the navigation is seamless. You have worked hard on the site, and now you are ready to drive traffic and improve your business.

Now what?

Believe it or not, as a premier Denver web designer, we get the question often: How do I get people to visit my website?

The short answer is that there is no one answer. Many factors contribute to a healthy, vibrant site. Studying SEO, utilizing social media, and employing email marketing, for instance, are all proven methods for driving traffic. In addition to this, however, is one ingredient that has been found to be consistently effective in driving visitors to your site: blogging. At, for example, our website traffic tripled within a few months of blogging with regularity, and statistics show our experience is not unique.

Blogging is a good investment of time spent on marketing. Blogging offers a variety of positive results to your website that range from higher exposure to brand recognition.

Here are 4 basic reasons to blog on your business website.

1. Blogging regularly increases your search engine rankings.

Simply put, the more you post, the newer your web content is, and search engines love fresh content. In the world of the web, fresh content equals relevant content. And the Internet wants nothing more than relevance.

2. Blogging regularly gives your company a voice.

A static web page–even one with good colors and excellent readability (both of which are important!)–does not generally feel like a conversation. Blogging creates the space to talk about your industry and show your readers that you know your business. Generosity with time and insight translates into trust, which often results in added business.

3. Blogging regularly generates leads

(and not just any leads–the ones you want). Blogging allows you to create the customer you want to attract. By choosing your voice, selecting your topics, and honing your perspective, you shape your brand and ultimately the people who are attracted to it.

4. Blogging regularly allows you to be discovered on other platforms.

Whenever you hit the magical publish button on a new post, you have the opportunity to share your content on any number of social media outlets. And since the Facebook audience alone is now bigger than the largest country on earth, you have a massive opportunity to reach any number of followers which could result in click-backs to your website.

So what should you blog about?

Keep a list of relevant topics on hand at all times. Update the list when great ideas strike you. As you come across good articles or industry news, make notes of how you could put your personal spin on the issue. Make it relevant. Keep it interesting. Speak with authority.

And whatever you do … just start blogging.

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