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5 Reasons to Brand Your Business Email

Getting your business’ name and information out to the public matters, and we can help with that by offering you web design, development, and marketing information that includes branding your business email. Why would you want to do that? Here are five good reasons.


1). Give a first impression that matters

Sending from a gmail or hotmail address isn’t very professional. It may work for a while, but it’s better to have a company email if you want to be taken seriously. A branded email also helps to show that you’re established. Take Everitt Companies, for example. They do real estate development and are based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Every one of the people listed on their contact page has an email address, because they understand the importance of branding themselves and producing a professional image that makes an impression on potential clients.


2). You won’t have to spend a lot

A branded email address doesn’t take long to create, and it’s not expensive. Google has Apps for Business that provide low-cost email addresses, and there are other options, as well. Being rich isn’t necessary, and you don’t have to be a big company to afford a branded address for your email.


3). Create trust for your customers

You don’t want customers to think you’re a scam artist, and having a branded, professional email can help build trust for your clients and potential clients. The sense of security and credibility offered through a branded email is strong, and can help any company bring in more business. That’s especially true if competitors don’t have branded emails or don’t take their image as seriously.


4). Increase your image

You want a big, corporate image. You may not be a big, corporate presence, but your potential clients don’t know that. Show them what they want, and show them that your company is a force in the marketplace. Have separate email addresses for different aspects of your company, even if they all get forwarded to the same place. Having email addresses for support, information, billing, etc. shows that your company is large, established, and serious about the image it presents to the world. As an example, GH Phipps is an established Greenwood Village, CO company, but it’s hard to tell from their email. They have only one email address on their contact page, which doesn’t provide options for different people or departments to be easily contacted.


5). Promote awareness of your brand

With us as your Denver web design, development, and marketing firm, you can get everything you need to keep your business moving forward, and keep branding your company in every way possible. Having a branded email address is a big part of that company brand awareness, and can help keep your company’s name in the minds of your current and potential clients.