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[50] Website Ideas for Creating Your Own Site

Here are 50 great ideas that successful websites have used for years now.
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If you’re interested in creating an eCommerce website to do business either on or through the Internet, you need to work with a top-notch Denver web design developer to bring in local traffic and grow your audience effectively. However, many would-be entrepreneurs have the creativity and the business sense to create a successful online business, but they just need a few online business-type ideas to get their creative juices flowing. Here are 50 great ideas that successful websites have used for years now. The online business ideas listed below are always in high demand, so you don’t have to worry about working in an over-saturated market.

You’re sure to find something that suits you, and web design Denver companies will be happy to help you make your website a reality.

50 Business Website Ideas for Creating Your Own Business

We frequently hear questions like “what’s the best type of website for me,” and “what kinds of online businesses are most in-demand?” So our team of website design Denver professionals sat down to compile some of the latest websites we’ve created for customers that have done well and grown since their launch. What follows is a list of the 50 most successful eCommerce site types we’ve built over the last few months.


1. eLearning website

Distance learning has been growing over the last decade and has exploded during the pandemic. If you have something to teach, chances are very good that there are people eager to learn.


2. eCommerce website

If you are an antique fanatic, or just have a lot of knickknacks to sell, these are great ways to kick off a site with plugins for eBay, Amazon, and the like. No matter how obscure the item, you can bet that someone will be interested in buying it.


3. Blog

If you have ideas, advice, a story to tell, wisdom to offer, or if you’re just a funny writer with an entertaining voice, creating a blog site could be just what the doctor ordered.


4. How-to website

The modern world is full of people looking for ways to get things done without calling in the handyman. DIY sites have been exploding since the early 2000s, and there’s no sign the trend will be stopping anytime soon.


5. Influencer website

If you have a big YouTube channel or Instagram page, chances are good that your audience will follow you to your own personal website. There, you could do any of the ideas in this list and capitalize on your influence.


6. Nonprofit website

There’s always more room in the world for charitable work, and the Internet is the perfect space to create more. Other businesses will want to be associated with your non-profit, giving you cheap and free exposure.


7. Fashion website

People are always into fashion, and they always will be. Fashion fans will always pay extra to get the latest and chicest items. Even if you’re just doing a photo blog about it, they will come to you for insights.


8. Beauty website

If you give great beauty tips, your audience will find you. Beauty advice and products aren’t just for women either, with the right branding, you can get clicks from men who want to look better too.


9. Finance website

Just about everyone seeks financial advice around April 15th. But if you have a knack for giving good financial advice, people will come to you, and they will pay well for your help.


10. Fitness website

Fitness is bigger than ever, and many people are looking for new ways to boost performance, improve health, and look better. Might your fitness site be the key to someone’s fitness breakthrough?


11. Reviews website

With so much to buy online, people are always looking for reviews they can trust. Review sites usually have a niche like tech, automotive, or fitness products. Audiences are hungry for objective reviews.


12. Counseling website

Online counseling has been growing in recent years and exploding during the last 14 months. If you have training in psychology or are a counselor at heart, this could be the gig for you.


13. Self-help website

The DIY of mental health, the self-help genre became big long before the rise of the Internet. Those with a fresh voice and appealing insights can become big overnight by offering valuable self-help advice.


14. Portfolio website

The modern resume is online, and if you’re a photographer, writer, or painter, a portfolio website is a great way to attract new clients, land a great job, and boost your career.


15. Resume website

People have been looking for help compiling great-looking and effective resumes for decades. Your site can offer resume writing tips, or you can even write people’s resumes for them using the information they provide.


16. Nutrition website

Like fitness and self-help, nutrition is always something people need help with. If you have a degree in the subject or a ton of insider knowledge, many people will visit your site to benefit from your knowledge.


17. Music website

Music is the most popular thing in the world. Any interesting music website is likely to have a strong following.


18. Photography website

Beautiful images are always in high demand. Your photography site can offer images free or for sale. Either way, you’ll get traffic.


19. Wedding website

Got an insider track on this year’s top wedding trends, or want to sell wedding apparel online? A wedding site is always a big hit.


20. Events website

Companies, wedding planners, non-profits, and more are always in need of an event planning expert to help with their big functions.


21. Artist website

Hard working and talented artists have more opportunities than ever with the power of the Internet.


22. Poetry website

Do you have a gift for rhyme and meaning? If so, poetry lovers will flock to your poetry site for beautiful, original verse.


23. Law firm website

If you are a legal expert with valuable services to offer, then you have a ready audience looking for you.


24. Restaurant website

If you’re running an eatery and don’t have a website, you’re missing out. Even small local restaurants need a website to attract local people.


25. Food website

Everybody loves food, some more than others. Your culinary photos, recipes, and tips are sure to draw a big audience.


26. Meditation website

More and more people are taking an interest in the healing art of meditation. Do you have valuable meditation advice to give? If so, your audience is waiting.


27. Business website

Every business needs an online presence. Wherever it is you do, having a website will boost your numbers.


28. Digital marketing website

Are you a marketing professional? A digital marketing website could be your digital resume and your key to big jobs.


29. Entrepreneurship website

Many people want to be their own boss and do business their way. Do you have the knowledge to steer them in the right direction?


30. Leadership website

Educators are always looking for ways to teach leadership skills to students, and many others crave these skills for themselves. Do you know how to motivate, inspire, and lead?


31. Freelancing website

Being creative and having a skill is nice, but many such people don’t know how to break into their industry. Online avenues for people to do freelance work are exactly what they need.


32. Quizzes website

Did you know quizzes are very popular? People are eager to show their knowledge with sharable online quizzes. Are you a quiz master?


33. Humor website

The only thing more popular than music is laughing. If you can make people laugh, they will flock to your site.


34. Statistics website

They need stats and you got plenty! People are always looking for tidy stats to prove a point or bolster their research.


35. Quotes website

Millions of pithy and poetic quotes have been recorded over the years, and people always want a nice quote to inspire or to add gravity to their productions.


36. Life hacks website

People want easy, fast, and flashy ways to solve difficult problems. If you compile them, they will come.


37. Buying guide website

Shoppers need advice, comparisons, and reviews. Cover popular product types, and you’ve got an audience.


38. Design website

Home design, garden design, showroom design, website design… whatever it is- people need your insights.


39. Film website

Do you make documentaries, B-roll footage, commercials, or something more specific? If so, you have customers waiting to find you.


40. Theater website

Local theaters cannot do without a local online presence to bring in the theatre aficionados in your area.


41. Dance website

People love to dance, and those with the talent to be great need a teacher. Do you have what it takes to teach dance online?


42. Memorial website

Whether it’s for a beloved family member who has passed, or someone/something more well known, a memorial website is bound to draw clicks.


43. Community website

Create a space for people with common interests, locations, or traits to share, mingle, and trade.


44. Education website

Always needed and popular, online education just might be your forte.


45. Animals website

Whether it’s just cute cat videos, veterinary services, stories, or advice, people of all ages love animals.


46. Sports team website

Share your passion for your favorite team with key stats, facts, and stories.


47. Tourism website

Offer up info on local attractions, sell tours, gifts, and more.


48. Travel website

Book tickets to popular destinations, create attractive itineraries and offer exclusive package deals.


49. Real estate website

List homes, vacation rentals, business sites, and more- all with your own personal flair.


50. Personal website

Whether it’s a resume site, a portfolio site, or just a site for those of you who are usually interesting, a personal website can be just what you need.