At Tag Team Design, we know the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in order to create great, effective and leading design.

We bring you a list of the top design trends for 2016 and some excellent resources for your inspiration.

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Responsive Design


The biggest trend over the last five years—Responsive Web Design (RWD). In 2016, we see the increase in RWD to the point where its no longer an accessory, but a necessity in web design. Notice the direction RWD is taking in the form of functionality, user experience and accessibility.

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Flat Design


Making use of the minimalist approach to design, flat design is a top trend focusing in 2016 on usability. Flat design scratches the previous techniques in realistic textures, shadows and objects. Instead, designers are making use of simplistic illustrations, icons and design layouts.

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With its origin in videogame visual scrolling effects, parallax has become an increasing trend in creation of websites. Employing a 3D effect when the background moves separate to the foreground, the user can scroll down one page through an entire website. When done well, parallax can add depth and a memorable user experience to a website.

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Large Image Showcases


Websites using large images are increasing in popularity. The main reason being that stunning, clear imagery gives life and breath to a webpage. Making use of photography and the digital arts, large image showcases are bringing back an esthetical artistry to our webpages.

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Much Better Typography


We see a great improvement in the use of fonts and text layout in 2016. With the addition of web type tools from Google Fonts and Adobe Typeset, an endless array of typography options for web design are exploding! Top technique now being used by web designers: pairing of a readable, bold typeface with a novelty, trendy font.

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More About Typography

Simple Design


Simple Design. Simple layouts. Simple elements. SIMPLE. This “less is more” approach to web design is trending because it achieves easy elegance, sophistication and innovation. From a UX viewpoint, a simple design is comprehensive, understandable and attractive.

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30-Second Video


Whether created as part of the homepage or used to draw people to their site, more websites are employing the creation of short, informational videos.

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Fixed Navigation


The trend for fixed navigation has grown superbly in website design. Benefits of fixed navigation include creation of elements that fit naturally with your page, easy access to important pages on your site, allows for unique setup of backgrounds and if built right, leaves additional room for page content.

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Video/Moving Backgrounds


Video and animation can be a powerful means of communication to your audience. The use of these in backgrounds during 2016 shows us an increasing convergence of web and video. The key with using these backgrounds is proper video optimization for user speeds and load times.

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