How to Pick the Best Keywords

      • Sign Up for an SEO Tool

        • Go get started, you’re going to want to get an SEO tool for research. There are a few options out there but some of the big ones would be AHREF’s and SEMRush. These are great for all sorts of reasons but for the purpose of keyword research they can be very helpful.
      • Look Up an Industry-specific Keywords

        • This can be done by looking at competitors’ websites or googling a word specific to your industry to see what kind of results you get. The more you start seeing your competitors, the more you know those are the words to go with.
      • Analyze Comparison Research

        • This mainly pertains to those starting out, which I’m sure is probably the case of what brought you here. If you are just starting out then the recommendation I can make is to use those keywords you’ve found, research them in your choosen tool, and find comparison keywords that are within your industry but are not as competitive as the ones you found. Each tool should give you an idea for the keyword you look up of what the overall competitiveness of it is, as well as, recommendations for other related keywords.