On-site SEO is the practice of creating content throughout your website to help search engines understand what your site is about.  This includes things like relevant meta descriptions.  Example:  Tag Team Design | Denver Web Design | Denver SEO | Denver Web Development.  When Google’s search engine does a quick search it will read these tags to know what our business is about.  (Pro Tip: The “|” is a commonly used trick in SEO when creating descriptions.  The key for it is below the delete key, it will also have a “\” on it.  All you have to do is hold shift and press that button to create one.)


As another example, creating a relevant title on a blog post that will show up immediately in a search when someone is looking for content on what you’ve written.  Example: A blog post about concrete driveways would have any h1 tag on it that may say “The Best Way to Take Care of Your Concrete Driveway”.  This would allow for someone searching for concrete driveway maintenance to find your article since it has a relevant title.