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What Hosting Provider is Best for You? A website designer perspective

No matter how good your web design is, you will have a better experience running a business website if you choose the right hosting from the beginning. While you may want to begin with the cheapest hosting you can find, some quality issues that are common to cheap hosts could actually slow down the growth of your business and lose you money.

Types of Website Hosting Providers

The three basic kinds of hosting for your business website are shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. To make a good choice, familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of these kinds of website hosts first.

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting means that your site gets hosted on a server with many other sites. This is usually the cheapest option, and it may be good enough for a very small business or personal website. The biggest problem with shared hosting is that all resources, like the CPU and bandwidth, get shared between all of the accounts.

Your site could get slowed down if another account performs badly or happens to get a large burst of traffic. While hosting companies impose limits on each account, there may not be a lot you can do if the host did not manage resources well or one of the sites on another account happens to suffer from a denial-of-service attack (DDOS). Even if it isn’t your own account getting attacked, your website is likely to suffer.

Cloud Hosting 

  • Cloud hosting defined: Hosting services get provided by many servers that are connected and integrated together.

As Denver eCommerce website designers, we generally suggest cloud hosting for business sites. The availability of multiple servers means that resources and even entire websites can get moved in moments to protect sites against attacks or heavy demands. Cloud hosting is still affordable, and the main benefits are that is is easy to scale up as your business grows, reliable, and efficient.

Dedicated Server Hosting 

This means that you actually own or rent your own dedicated machine to run your site. This is the most expensive option for several reasons:

  • You will either to hire somebody to manage the server or pay extra for this service from your hosting company.
  • Renting your own dedicated physical server costs more than renting shared or cloud hosting.
  • Buying servers represents a considerable investment, and they do tend to become obsolete in a few years.
  • You do not get the benefit of having multiple servers to provide processing if you have problems because of an unexpectedly high demand on resources or suffer from a DDOS attack.

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