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Three Keys to Building Your Online Business in the First Year

Are you just getting started with your online business?


We are going to share with you some top success keys in the first year to grow your business.


Your Online Targets


For starters, its very important that you make yourself accessible online to those who will most likely notice your business. Identify your targets. Who are your consumers? What characteristics do those consumers share? Where can you contact them online? How will they benefit from your businesses’ products and services? You can begin a base marketing strategy based on the answers to these questions.


Your Website’s Design and Content


You want your site to encourage visitors to stay once and continue coming back to your site.


Your website’s design and content will ensure this if its:
1. Personalized to your brand tone and style including the company’s mission statement, services and policies.


2. High Quality. Site visitors are used to and expect one-of-a-kind experiences when visiting websites. Ensuring this of your site will be 1) the quality of your website’s design and 2) the clarity of your site’s navigation. How relevant and engaging is your website? Your site should be informative and interactive for your consumer. Social media integration, forms allowing for question and answers provided in the online comment section, surveys and contests are a few avenues.


3. High Speed. Remember, an online businesses’ survival depends on its visibility and credibility by means of search engines. Two essentials are 1) secure web hosting and 2) a speedy website load time. These deliver a positive, professional message to your user. Likewise, it increases your sales. Amazon’s recent report shows a 1 percent revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds improvement in load time. Lastly, it SEO optimizes your site resulting in more traffic, leads and brand credibility. Google has stated that faster load speeds are a key factor in a businesses’ online ranking.


4. Mobile Ready. An additional to consider for your website is including mobile capabilities. With the widespread use of mobile devices, having a commerce platform becomes rather a necessity than a commodity. Consider integrating responsive design, a business application, click-to-call tools, maps and real-time mobile notifications.


Your Online Sales


The Internet has made reaching your consumers quick and easy. When implementing your online sales, you should enable your consumer to have the same shopping experience as they do offline. Make sure you include on all online channels your promotions, products, services, company information and policies. One advantage however, to offering some products only online helps build your ecommerce by encouraging consumers to use your online channels to do business with you.


Also encouraging subscription can help with online sales. Different options for subscriptions are available for companies and its up to them to decide which form works best for them. CRM software and programs can be used also to track which subscription is most effective with their consumers and whether most of them have subscribed or not. Using third-parties such as UPS, can help with large and complex transactions. These can be cost effective as your company continues to grow and handle larger transactions.


Growing your online business is a consistent process but by investing the time and energy into these three areas above we discussed, you are on your way to growing and flourishing your online business.


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Article by Zipporah Schumaker