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What to plan for when getting a new website

Working with Professional Web Designer and Web Design Team

Whether you have been in business for a long time or are just beginning to get some traction, it is important to have a website that clearly describes who you are to prospective customers and clients.

Nearly everyone now carries some kind of mobile device and searches the internet for products and services as a first step in their buying process.  As professional web designers, we understand what it takes to create a professional site that will impress both your existing customers and prospective clients.

Our web design teams take the time to understand what makes your company different and then create the kind of site that will make you proud!

Tips from Professional Web Designer and Web Design Team

Here are some tips for making sure you get off on the right foot when building or updating your company website:

  • Establish a budget for your site and clearly communicate to your web design team how much you are willing to spend. Avoid misunderstandings by making sure everyone involved knows that you need from the beginning of the process. Professional web designers will walk you’re the development process to identify possible areas that may add to the cost.
  • Secure your Domain Name – Domain names are available from many sources and we recommend that you secure yours as early as possible and reserve it for five years because it helps in the SEO process.
  • Identify Your Hosting Company – most profession web designers have relationships with hosting companies they prefer so work with your web design team in finding the one what will work best for you and them. In our case, we rackspace cloud hosting because it is fast and reliable and if you need to get more space it is really fast and easy to scale your server.
  • Pages and Categories – your web design team will create a sitemap (a list of all you pages and how they connect to each other), but you can help by identifying pages you will need and the categories that adequately describe your business to the professional web designer.  At a minimum, you will want a Home Page, About Us, and Contact Us Page.
  • Begin Creating Content – Creating content is one of the biggest hurdles our clients face so we recommend you get started early as you are the one who best understands how to differentiate your business.
  • Website Maintenance – again, work with you web design professional and their web design team to plan for regular updates and the maintenance of your site.
  • Online Marketing – Make sure your web designer understands the world of SEO because a site that cannot be found is a very expensive boat anchor!

Contact us to learn how a professional web design team can get you started the right way.