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How to Best Optimize Your Site for SEO purposes

Everyone has a need to best optimize their site for search engines and to be more accessible across the internet. How can your website succeed? Check out or download our infographic below.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site for SEO


  1. Text Content

Your text content on your article, post or web page should not only be appealing to read for human eyes, but also search engine’s eyes. Learn the best ways to optimize your text content for SEO purposes.


  1. Article Images

Check to make sure your images have correct, theme-specific titles and alt tags that give a summary of what the image is about in case the image does not load for the user. Search engines also read and document these names.


  1. Title of Page

Your title is critical to driving traffic and for search engines to place your page in a category to be found by people looking in those specifically. Your title should be well-thought out and targeted to your main audience.


  1. Headers and Subheads

As with Titles, Headers and Subheads should also be named with search engines in mind and as a good lead in to your topics and subtopics.


  1. Tags and Captions

If you have captions on your images, you should make sure they also include SEO-specific keywords. Make sure all tags and descriptions on your page provide searchable and industry-specific terms for your page.