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The Importance of Integrating Social Media into Your Website: Part I

This multiple part series on our blog will discuss the importance of integrating social media in the form of icons, live links and feeds into your website. As a website owner, you will see the benefits of social media can extend beyond your landing page and take your website from blah to yeah!

We don’t have to say it because we all know it: we live in a digital world. Our society is increasingly driven by social media sites and their activity. With the majority of what we might say “potential clientele” being connected into these sites, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that more businesses are using this avenue as a way to reach consumers.

Direct and Increased Connections
This is true with consumers and other businesses. You can stay in direct contact with your consumers easier by communicating news and updates directly on your social media pages. This will support the growth of your professional following. With increased connections, you will reach a larger group within your target one. This includes other related business owners and people in your field. You and your website benefit from these connections as network opportunities. The legitimacy of you and your website can rise from such connections. When someone sees you following another well-known website or business, they will build trust and confidence in you and your business. As a result, they are more likely to stay connected with you and likewise visit your website.

Extended Business Hours
Social media has no business hours. Having your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest etc. allows for all-around-the clock business. Essentially anytime of the day people can reach out to you and your website. You can encourage this by setting up daily and weekly update posts on your pages. Business wise it’s a smart move to use social media as a platform for instant communication, customer service response and feedback. In addition, you can make use of advanced search functions, groups, lists and community pages available through these social sites.

Online Referrals
The ole word-of-mouth system through social media pages. One positive post from another source about your website can generate interest and act as an online referral. On your website having social icons set up to Share or Link to consumers’ personal social pages gives them an opportunity to promote your website. This is what we call social influence.

Free, Personalized Advertising
Social media can act as an additional advertiser to market you and your website. Most of the popular social sites are free and do not require additional costs for advertising other than quality written posts and good, regular upkeep of pages. You can use these to share visual and verbal communications about you, your brand and website. You also give a good idea about your website’s values, focus and goals to the online population.

So now you say, Yes! It is important! I need social media now!
Follow our series as we discuss tips to best integrate social media into your website.

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Article by Zipporah Schumaker