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Inspirational Thursday: Think outside the box – Graphic Design illustration

Inspirational Thursday: Think outside the box graphic design illustration

The best way to get creativity flowing is to take out the sketchbook and just start doodling. You dont have to draw anything specific, just let your pencil guide you. You may have to flip the page a few times and start over, but doodling will inspire you. How else will you come up with your next great idea without simply starting out somewhere?

If you don’t know what to sketch or doodle just start with whatever your favorite thing to draw is. What is your “go-to” drawing? It sound basic, and it is; but is a quality method to feel creativity pouring into your brain.

When i’m stuck in a rut, I like to doodle basic shapes. I start with a circle, then a box and maybe shade in the box. Another favorite of mine, a 3d cylinder. This works as a warm up drawing for me and gets my mind in the flow of things. As a web designer I spend countless time on the computer, so its natural to need to “warm up” my mind as an athlete would jog before a match. It takes patience to come up with something good a concept many of us occasionally forget.

When you are stuck on a creative task such as a web design project, a writing project, or virtually any creative task, get out some paper and start sketching. Insperation is bound to follow. Start writing down random words that remind you of the project and sketch those words. Shade some of those sketches out, add more detail in some, keep on going until it has it you!

You know where to go now

Doodling is what inspired me to create the “think outside the box” design. I was stuck on a project so I just started doodling in my sketchbook and after a few minutes of letting my pencil lead the way I looked down and what do you know….Inspiration hit me.


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