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Web Design & the Future

As web developers we are always looking towards the future.  We constantly think how we can expound upon it and create the next new thing that will improve users’ experiences on both mobile and web.  It is something we always have to consider when designing any page or application.  It is the first and last thing on our minds of any given day.  The idea to create the next big design is ever present, but how is it that we reach that point?  I’m going to delve into a few concepts that illustrate the future of web development and design.

UX Patterns & Interaction

When we speak of any website, design will always be a topic that comes up.  It is inevitable that we have consider how a website (or web app) should be designed.  As we’ve come to find out, the design can be just as important as any features included with the interactiveness of our sites.  The subtle cues we send off can help with guiding someone towards other features to improve overall experience or help with the feeling of space.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Particle design, subtle motion, and not so subtle motion
    • Do you ever run into the problem that there’s just too much space?  You go through all the steps of implementing an incredible design and placing all content on there, truly proud of what you’ve done. It looks great!  Except there’s just a little extra room.  What do you do about that?  Simply enough, we can add just a little extra motion in the background.  If you Google “particle design” or “background motion in web design”, you will find many examples of what I’m talking about.  These subtle cues in the background can work to fill that extra space that seems to elude your grasp and add a whole new aspect to your design that can help it look beautiful & full at the same time.
  2. Patternization
    • As human beings, we are innately drawn to patterns.  Something in our nature says that we must find the answer of why a pattern is significant (think Pi, the Fibonacci sequence, or any musical composition).  As designers we can use this as a way to make a website more visually appealing.  By adding a simple pattern in the background, teamed with a great color and geared towards the brand, it adds a whole new layer to what we’ve created and will keep users coming back (along with great features of course).
  3. Make it simple & stick with what we know
    • This could be said to go along the line with patternization, but a fluid, simple design that users are familiar with can go along way.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Repeating a design that a user might be familiar with will help them navigate just as they would on a similar site, meaning, they will return to your site again and again because they already understand the inner workings of it.

Modern A.I. with Web Development

When we think of artificial intelligence, the first thing that may come to mind is I, Robot.  Sorry to break it to you, but we’re not there yet.  Fortunately we have been developing other facets of “A.I.” technology that can help in modern development.  Some technologies to consider adding to your website.

  1. Chat bots
    • New A.I. bots come to the table with a fluidity that mimics human interaction.  Thanks to this new introduction of chat bots, it will seem like you’re speaking to a human on the other side, adding the element of connection to a user connecting with your creation.
  2. Voice based search
    • With the introduction of A.I. bots powered by voice command that are now enhanced to decipher between pronunciation problems, we have the integrated ability to make searching that much easier (think Google Assistant or the updated version of Siri).
  3. Augmented Reality
    • This one may be a little far-fetched since virtual reality hasn’t quite taken over the mainstream yet, but it represents a crucial juncture for web developers that could vastly change the landscape of how we design.  I still believe this is something to look into as it develops.  It’s hard to say what the possibilities are yet but still represents a landmark achievement that could help improve the user experience.