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3 Design Trends in 2019 You Need to Know About

Web design trends change just about every year, especially if we’re talking about a constantly growing market like Denver web design. It can be hectic to try and keep up with them when you’re trying to create the best designs possible for your site while maintaining your clients’ sites too. Yet, this is the challenge we accept as front-end web developers/designers. Not to say this is the easiest thing but it’s what we’re here for and you better believe that if you’re not staying current as possible then clients will eventually start to notice. This may not be something that is exactly conscious but in a world where most people spend at least a few hours on the internet everyday then they are more than likely going to start cataloging different designs in the back of their heads, eventually wondering why their new site design does not look like some of the great designs that they’ve seen elsewhere. This is definitely what we don’t want happening for a couple reasons:


  1. The sake of our clients. Ideally, we want our web designs to bring them in the most business possible. True, it does depend on their business model but we can help them with creating an attractive site that showcases what makes their business so special.
  2. If we want to survive as a business ourselves, then you don’t want to develop the reputation of someone who does the minimal amount of work to get by. With this reputation, you will start to see less and less people wanting to create a partnership with your brand.


In short, it’s important for your brand and your clients’ brands for you to be up to date on the latest trends.


Here’s what we’ve seen for the best web design trends of 2019 so far.

Text That Blends in With the Background

Not that big text being the first thing you see on a website is anything new but the latest in trends is having the text (partially or all) being hidden with the background. This can be used in a variety of ways like distorting half the text to be hidden or making certain words blend in with the background to almost highlight them.


You’ve probably noticed the rise in videos for advertising and branding purposes over the last few years. As it turns out, people like to put a face to a brand as to be able to identify that it’s not just a company that wants their money but someone who genuinely cares about what they think. Something about being able to identify the humanity behind a corporation allows for people to be more at ease when contemplating a potential purchase.

With this in mind, you can incorporate a strategy that quite a few websites are adapting now and that is to put faces into the design of your website to add a more human component to your brand. This allows for people to see the faces behind the brand, as well as, develop a level of trust initially so they can see that their are real humans that want to help them with their problems.

Big Video Header

As I have already mentioned, videos are taking over. They allow for potential customers to put a face to a brand/organization. With that comes some inherent trust rather than a company just trying to take their money. This helps on the customer’s side as well as the business’ side of things. That can only mean that putting a big video at the very top of your website is a good idea. This is a good chance to explain your brand and what you can offer to a customer to help with their life or simply just showcase in an easy way what your brand is all about. If you click the picture below it will take you to the example site. You’ll see that they’ve utilized a video without audio but it conveys the message of what their company’s about in a subtle way, right of the bat.