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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Help You Succeed in 2019

Everyone wants a beautifully designed website. Having a great website design with enticing features to keep people moving through your site is imperative in today’s digital age. Keeping visitors happy with cool pictures that move around when you hover over them can be an effective way to making sure someone remembers your site. It’s even better when your site gets recommended for an online award being a site that someone should absolutely visit for the sheer beauty of it. It’s all so great…until you realize those visitors had fun playing around but never managed to find their way to the e-commerce side of your site where all your products are sold. Turns out that when you sell products, a beautiful site isn’t going to help you sell anything when you don’t have an easily visible link to your products displayed promptly near the top of your homepage or you don’t have a preview section for featured products somewhere on your homepage.


Ultimately, the goal for any website is to sell products or a service. Sometimes this goal gets overshadowed with having a great design. Don’t get me wrong, having a great design should be apart of any website goal but it is not the top goal you should have in mind. Instead, think of your website as an employee that never stops working and should be doing a good job of promoting your products or services at all times.


With the goal of conversions in mind, there’s a few things you can do to help increase your numbers to make your website the best employee you have.

Page Loading & Mobile Experience

If you’re aware of SEO best practices (i.e. Google rank criteria) then no doubt you’re aware that they’ve made a push for site speed on any site to be within 1 to 2 seconds. This is normally applied to mobile sites but the general rule of thumb should be applied to desktop sites as more of a just in case scenario and for the purpose of best practices. That being said, having a slow loading site (or individual page) can severely affect your bottom line. It’s been found through research from various top SEO sources that roughly 60% of website visitors will immediately leave a site if it does not load within 1 to 3 seconds. The higher your ranks become the more people that potentially is to loose on a daily basis.

Contrasting Colors

Another great way to get the attention of visitors while showing them the way to your products with a call to action. Human beings have this tendency to bring their eyes to a spot that seems different on a page. By having two colors that contrast, your call to action button will stick out and draw their eyes in to click.

Customer Reviews

If you really want to have a potential customer trust you, then there’s nothing better than customer reviews (if they’re good that is). When it comes to business, especially these days with reviews everywhere, establishing rapport with visitors in a quick amount of time will yield great results. The idea is to get people to trust your brand, fast so that when they have needs specific to your industry in the future they will remember you and return.

SEO Optimization

I would say this is more complementary than anything. After you’ve implemented the above steps on all pages of your site and maybe done some research on a few more tactics, then your next step is to optimize your content. This can be done by putting specific keywords into your content throughout the site, making sure you have clear H1 titles on pages that describe what the page is about, and making sure you have detailed (but not too long) meta titles and descriptions on each page. The reason for the emphasis on Denver SEO optimization is that once you’ve got your site set for visitors to be directed towards the important parts of your site, getting the visitors in the first place comes down to having great rankings which will cement you as an authority in your field. This is the first step for any visitor. If they can see that you’re ranking high then that means you got there for a reason which is generally that Google trusts your site so by getting up there you’re already starting to build rapport with your potential customers.