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3 Reasons to Consider WordPress for Your Website

One of the most important decisions to make about a new business website is the content management system, or CMS, that you will use to build the site. At TagTeamDesign, a Denver website design and development company, we often counsel our clients to choose WordPress for their business websites. Some people still think of WordPress as just a blogging platform, but this could not be further from the truth.

For example, you can visit the website to view a showcase of some large organizations that use this CMS. These include such diverse businesses as Dole, Pulse by Target, and Quartz. While we would be happy to discuss individual project needs, we decided that it would be informative to publish some reasons why we often suggest WordPress for our clients.

1. WordPress is the Most Popular CMS on the Planet

No, we don’t suggest WordPress because it’s what everybody else is doing. However, it’s really important to note that reports that just about half of all sites on the Internet use WordPress as a CMS. Drupal, another CMS, places second in this popularity ranking with just about 14 percent of site builders. The third choice, Adobe CQ, has about 4 percent of the market. Of course, we don’t just suggest the most popular CMS because it is popular. However, it is impossible to ignore the reasons that WordPress is number one!

2. WordPress has a Huge User Community

WordPress actually functions right out of the box, but it looks pretty plain and doesn’t come with a lot of extra features. Your business needs a distinctive website that can deliver the right functionality for your clients and customers. That’s where website designers and plugin developers come in. Because this CMS is so popular, it is supported by a community of thousands of designers and developers that can transform a basic site into a very sophisticated business website. For example, with WordPress, you can run an eCommerce site, an art portfolio, a business directory, and much more.

3. The Interface is Intuitive and Well Documented

After many of our clients get their websites built and designed, they hope to be able to make some updates on their own. For example, some may want to add blog posts, change items in a sales catalog, or insert landing pages for social networks and advertising. Probably the biggest attraction of this CMS is that it is very easy for average people to learn to use without needing to know how to code. If WordPress users do have questions, they can consult with the huge support community at and other sites.

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