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iOS 9 Increases Your iPad’s Productivity: a Web Designers Perspective

The iPad is a runaway success as a media consumption device, but for those who want to use their iPads as a creation tool, its productivity has always left much to be desired. This will all change with the release of iOS 9 for iPad in the fall.

On June 8th, Apple announced the new iOS 9 operating system for the iPhone and iPad with promises of several long sought-after features. This new features have the ability to turn the iPad into a fully-functioning productive tool to get work finished on the go.

Some of the most talked about features which will expand the productivity of the iPad, are:

A split screen-

One of the biggest hurdles to better productivity using an iPad is the inability to have two apps viewable on the device at the same time. With the OS’s new Slide Over function, users will be able to save valuable time by multitasking between apps. The new Picture-in-Picture mode will let users watch a video or chat while working on a document.

A longer battery life-

Apple’s iOS 9 aims to improve on the WiFi and battery drain problems of iOS 8 by givin users more time to be as productive as possible. Apple announced it has managed to extend the battery life of devices by around an hour. In addition, a new power-saver mode will be available to extend battery life an additional three hours. Apple remained mum about any trade-offs the extended battery life is likely to have on processing speeds.

A faster and more responsive device-

You can never have enough processing power. With the adoption of Metal, iOS 9 will offer faster processing, smoother animation, and overall better performance resulting from the improved efficiency of the CPU and GPU. Email, messages, web pages, and PDFs will scroll faster, and feel much more fluid.

A better security system-

Everyone is worried about his privacy, and after this year’s concerns about security, Apple has been thinking long and hard about ways to make you feel more secure. The passcode protection system in iOS 9 is upgraded to better prevent unauthorized access. The new security features will make it much harder for anyone to view personal information or photos on your device, but will won’t hamper you from accessing your phone easily.

A better typing experience-

Typing on an iPad can be a pain, but Apple is trying to make it as easy as possible. The iOS 9 introduces shortcuts to its on-screen keyboard to make it style your text. A new on-screen tracking pad will make it easier to cut, paste, and copy text.

The iOS 9 definitely looks like there is a time not too far in the future when it will be possible to leave your computer at home, and do use your iPad for all of your day-to-day productivity tasks.