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3 Unique Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Grow

There are literally billions of web pages on the internet at this very moment. That number isn’t going down anytime soon, yet some pages (& websites) consistently outrank your site. How could this be with so many options on the internet? We’re not even talking a small number of websites dedicated to a field but hundreds if not thousands of websites in every field. The internet is littered with small businesses all trying to grab the attention of the masses in an effort to grow their business. As we know in 2019, if you’re not on the internet, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities but with all these opportunities and all this competition, how is it that you stand out from everyone else as a Denver SEO company or a Denver plumber? Simple…get unusual in the way that you stand out.

It’s not going to be easy but there are ways to create a buzz about your brand that don’t involve just the typical tactics of pay-per-click marketing or posting on social media, at least not in the classic sense. Here’s a few options to consider.

Social Media Contest

We know by now that social media is a powerful tool for marketing. Whether you’re a Denver web design company or a specialized shoe company, you can bring in a wide berth of an audience from anywhere in the world these days with the right social media marketing strategy. That is…if you have the right social media strategy. It sounds easy on the surface; create an account on the more popular social media sites, send tons of friend requests, and suddenly you’ll have tons of people engaging with your content. As you’ve probably experienced though, this is not normally the case. A great social media presence is a significant investment in time, hence, why a lot of companies are putting their money into social media marketing firms instead of their time. Yet, there are some of us out there that don’t quite have the resources to commit to a social media presence besides our time. What about us? Simply, you turn the algorithms in your favor by getting people to interact with your content more often.

Over the past couple of years algorithms have been restructured on social media sites to benefit those that get more interactions and not in the way of getting likes but actual comments on their posts. This creates more and more engagement for popular posts, therefore fostering a sense of community rather than people being baited into liking something. The whole idea is to create a community feel to what everyone is doing on a daily basis. This is where you step in as the leading expert of [insert your field here] in said community.

This may seem like a daunting task to complete every day but there is a certain way around it that may help; running a social media contest. Keep in mind you’re going to want to have built somewhat of an audience for this already but if you can create a contest that can get more and more people to organically interact with a post then you’re going to be sitting on a gold mine. Everybody loves the idea of being creative and competing, so why not use this concept to engage with your community of followers. The more you do this the more you’ll be prioritized in algorithms.

Hashtag Themes

Another great way of building a following or interacting with your community to get some engagements is through hashtag themes. This is primarily focused on Instagram nowadays so you’re probably going to want to focus your attention on that platform even though other platforms like Facebook and Twitter still use them (it started on Twitter but Instagram leads the charge in popularity). Every day there’s generally a new daily hashtag with some getting repeated every week. It’s going to be up to you to go on the hunt for which ones are popular as of the moment but when you do, hold on to it and post consistently on that day using that hashtag with a relevant picture.

Creative Charts/Graphics/Infographics

Chances are you’ve seen a ton of infographics or charts online. These are not exactly some sort of new or unconventional tactics, or are they? Truth is that infographics are the go-to’s for a lot of marketers. Mostly what you see online is that of marketing statistics made up by those in the digital marketing field. I’m not saying that comprises all the infographics out there but digital marketers are generally the one utilizing this tactic. That means that if you’re in a different industry, you’ve got a shot at creating something unique that’s specifically catered to your expertise. This can be a great opportunity to present the facts of your industry that consumers might not be aware of, highlighting details they may not know effect them. This can also be done in the way of a top 10 list. Everyone loves a top 10 list, especially when they get to learn something they didn’t know before. A top 10 list makes information into a simple, easy to read list that doesn’t take too long to read and can be incredibly engaging.