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14 Jan: 2019 Trend: 8 Social Listening Tools That Will Help You Succeed

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it can be hard for marketing teams to stay ahead of the game. It seems like every day there’s a new trend going on in any given field. A new hashtag, a new story, a new hot product, the list goes on and on. If you’re not staying ahead as a business then you’re only trailing behind your competitors.

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25 Jul: The Benefits of Using Video Branding

Branding in 2018 has changed from what it used to be. This probably doesn’t come across as very shocking news but there’s still a big push on social media to get the attention of people but the information is now being introduced in a brand new way that has to eventually be embraced by your company if you want to stay relevant. I’m talking about video of course.

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24 May: A Guide to Understanding the GDPR

If you’ve gone on the internet recently then you’ve probably heard about all the trials and tribulations that have come along with data capturing (personal information of browsers on the internet). You can’t go very far within the last year without hearing about it. It has become the overwhelming obligation of many political bodies around the world to regulate tech giants, often saying that there is just too much power in their hands. Whether you agree or not with this assessment, we’re on the precipice of a very big regulation.