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5 Different Ways to Build Trust with Best Web Design Practice

The Internet is a tricky place to establish trust between you and your client.

Since you are not meeting face to face often you are not taken seriously or your potential customer is skeptical to deal with you. One of the ways to handle this problem is by giving proper attention to the design of a website.

Website Designing involves the process of making a plan, making a website and regularly upgrading it. It also comprises of structures of websites, user interfaces, and the geography of a website apart from imagery, colors, fonts and other designs. For more info on SEO, check out Good Monster.



Staying anonymous while conducting a business deal is a reckless decision. If there is a picture of you on your website, users will be more comfortable with engaging in a business contract with you. This helps build trust between you and your potential clients and also people will tend to revisit your site once they realize that you are not some shady person with a dubious background.



Everyone is aware that in this age of globalization, with a Google search of one’s name every detail regarding their professional life will come up. For these cases, having a Twitter account or a Facebook page or something even more professional like a LinkedIn profile helps. People can track you through these sites and the likes on your posts, your followers and your professional network which is available for them to check out helps in enforcing credibility.



Try to make your designs look natural. This will encourage visitors to explore your website further since easy designs will make them think that you have given preference to their needs. And let’s face it. Not every visitor will be a techie! Design your site in such a way so that when the user rolls down your page, they come across clearly fixed buttons which when clicked will take them to the pages they have been meaning to visit all along. Avoid unnecessary ad, excessive number of fonts, annoying pop ups, links which are broken, too lengthy pages and complicated navigation. All of these are sure to turn away your customers.



If you display logos from previous clients who are pleased with your work, then it would help you attract new clients for future business. Now if we come to the topic of payment logos all of us will agree that it’s a nightmare for the common man when his identity is stolen and he finds himself in a deep mess. Yes, you assumed right. We are referring to the rare but no so rare credit card shams. Thus if you are advertising something with the intention of selling it, make sure to make your customers feel relieved by providing them with payment logos on your website.



It would be a wise decision on your part if you adapt a money-back guarantee policy. This would create an impression that you are not another mean money minded online business man and would help in gaining the trust of your clients. Try to stick to a 1 year warranty period. You could include this information near your “BUY NOW” button with an attractive font and color!
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