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Improve Website Loading Time to Increase Traffic

Give me, give me. Your audience wants their information now. Impediments to a user-friendly viewing experience, such as a slow loading time, frustrate your viewers who have little tolerance for lack of attention to their needs. It is all about them and the functionality of your website needs to address the viewing experience.

What is Website Loading Time?

There are three site speed factors that are used to determine site speed. Perception, processing time and perception are all factors in the final outcome.

  1. How fast does your audience think the website is loading? Perception is a psychological component and can be improved with a few adjustments.
  2. How long do they wait to see downloaded files? Processing time is the speed in which your browser renders files after downloaded. Improved code can increase speed.
  3. How quickly does a visitor receive all of your website’s files to their device? Loading time is the period of time necessary for all of your website’s files to download on a visitor’s device. Making files smaller can decrease download time.

Changes to coding and file sizes can help to improve the viewing experience. So much effort goes into attracting clients to a website. Decrease bounce rates and bring the information that users want to the forefront as fast as possible.

What are the results of slow loading times?

Google research indicated that as little as half of a second of additional load time increases drops in traffic up to 20 percent. Those people will search on a faster competitor’s site. Amazon’s research also showed dramatic impacts on loss of revenue with a delay as little as 1/10th of a second. The need for speed is vital to maximizing revenue and conversion from your traffic. Top of the funnel leads are necessary for the deployment of any successful marketing campaign. No one wants to get visitors to the door but have them turn away because the knob sticks. The technical features of your website greatly influences how your audience will respond.

How can you improve loading time?

Invest in your website. If all paths led to Rome, what would it mean to visitors if Rome were in shambles? Your CTR, remarketing efforts, inbound marketing efforts and even traditional media will lead to nothing if you direct users to a clunky interface that exceeds the limits of their patience. Review your website periodically. Check bounce rates and if people are leaving items in shopping carts. Outdated code on older websites can truly affect whether people look and buy. Eschew short term-solutions for new code that will improve the customer experience and your bottom line. Contact Tag Team Design, Web Design Denver, at 303-997-5361 for your coding solution.