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5 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Web Designer

Choosing a web designer is a tricky business.

The Internet is filled to the brim with web techies and design gurus, many of whom are willing and able to meet your needs. So how can you be sure you find the right web designer for your business?

Before signing the dotted line, ask these 5 critical questions:

Will I be able to update my own website?

Sometimes savvy web designers like to create web pages that are impossible to update without returning for additional business and—more to the point—costing more money. Be sure you discuss your needs and expectations before hiring a web designer. If certain skills are necessary to update the page, ask for the proper training. Don’t assume your web designer will create the site you need.

Do you have examples of your work?

This question seems obvious, but all too often it is overlooked. If you are planning to use a freelance web designer, this question is not optional; it is mandatory. (Note: the professional freelance web designer should anticipate this question and have examples prepared.) Furthermore, asking for testimonials and talking to previous clients is always a good idea.

Will my website be optimized for Google search?

Especially if you have no idea what SEO is all about, be sure your web designer is well-versed in optimization. Having a beautiful website is only half the goal. You’ll want people to find you. And you won’t want to spend a lot of extra money making it happen. FYI: Some web design companies will add SEO to your pages for an additional fee. Either way, if it is offered take advantage. It is a lot easier to have your web designer build in the SEO while developing your website than adding it later.

Do you only offer web design?

Setting up a website requires hosting, logo design, marketing, and SEO. Be sure you know what your web designer is willing to offer and which services are provided at each price point.

If possible, look for a company that offers multiple services under one roof. At Tag Team Design, for instance, we offer search engine optimization, web development, social media marketing, and a whole list of other savvy services in addition to web design. Establishing a relationship with a web agency that offers web packages enables you to go deep with a designer who knows and understands your brand.

How do we get started?

You’ve found the right web designer. You’ve agreed on the right services. You’ve negotiated the right price. Now what? Some designers may ask for content or pictures right off the bat. Others may work on a template or wireframe first. Either way, a good designer will be able to answer, “What’s next?” A great designer will provide a list.

No doubt there are many more questions you could ask before hiring a web designer, but these 5 are a good (and paramount) place to start to ensure that your web development process goes as smoothly as possible!

Is Tag Team Design the right web design company for you?

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