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What Is Parallax Web Design and Should Your Website Have It?

With increasingly advanced technologies like CSS3 and HTML5, designers are able to create more attractive, more advanced websites with impressive browser effects. Done correctly, these effects can take a website from average to extraordinary. Done poorly, these effects can take a website from average to gimmicky.

Parallax is one such technique that is taking the design world by storm. Asking the right questions could determine whether a website that uses Parallax is extraordinary or gimmicky. Consider the following 3 questions:


What is Parallax Web Design?

Parallax is a cutting edge scrolling technique that gives viewers the feeling they are looking at a two- or three-dimensional website instead of a one-dimensional page. In short, the effect creations an illusion of depth, drawing viewers into a story or taking them on an adventure.


What are the pros and cons of using Parallax Web Design?

Done right, Parallax draws readers into the website, creating an interactive experience in which the reader wants to learn more information about the product or service. Additionally, the Parallax designer has the ability to lead a viewer to specific parts of the website at his or her discretion. In other words, the designer sits in the driver’s seat as it pertains to the viewer’s experience on the page.

If done incorrectly, the Parallax technique can be overdone, causing web pages to load more slowly or function more choppily. Parallax scrolling can also make a reader feel rushed or unable to catch and digest all of the information on the page. Extreme care should be given to the timing of the scrolling to ensure that readers at all stages can enjoy the experience.


Does Parallax translate well on every website?

The Parallax scrolling technique may not work well for every site, depending on the type and amount of information being given. As is always the case, a website’s mood should match its message. It is also important to note that, with the rise of mobile users comes the responsibility to ensure a website’s ability to work on multiple platforms. Nothing harm’s a website’s reputation like compatibility issues.

Bottom line: Though Parallax may not work in every situation, it has the potential to drastically improve the overall user experience!


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