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5 Ways to Be A Creative Designer

Are you a designer? Are you a creative designer? At Tag Team Design, we pride ourselves on being not just good at our craft, or knowing how to design but also how to create new and exciting concepts for our clients. It’s one thing to know a tool, and another to use a tool to design something spectacular!

We are getting rather lyrical on you, but you know us designers can get our “passionate artist on” quick and well of course you know, we do love designing!

Whether you’re in our field or another, we’ve put together a list of 5 top ways to be creative in your work:

    1. Let go of perfection. Nothing will be right the first time, and nothing will be perfect in the end. But, we can promise it’ll be great! Just create, let your ideas run wild and you will see…it’ll all work out in the end.Famous artist, Pablo Picasso, once wrote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” It’s true often children are at more liberty to express freely their ideas, without the fear of rejection or the hold on excellence. Somewhere along the way, we start taking ourselves a bit too seriously. Especially as creatives, we can begin to think a little too much of other’s opinions. It’s true, you want to please others with your work. That should come later, though. For the beginning phases of creation, only focus on you and what comes to your head.


    1. Live for each moment. Have you heard of the advice, live for each day? Well, as designers we say you gotta live for each moment, because with the progression of every moment comes new ideas and sparks further inspiration.


    1. Start again fresh. Have you ever felt when designing, something is just not working? No matter how you are trying to make it work, the concept keeps blocking you from continuing? Say no more, we’ve been there. Don’t worry. Our advice: Just throw it out and start from scratch. Believe us, it won’t waste time it’ll save you time because the second time around always flows faster!


    1. Obtain new perspective. Whether it be through a business colleague, friend or simply changing your work environment, obtain a new perspective. New perspectives spurns new connections. Looking at things differently around you can help reignite your artistic energy and inspire you to begin again. Remember, perspective is everything.


    1. Think outside of your box. Another saying we have switched up a bit! Ok, so technically it’s think outside of the box, but your box is different than everyone else’s. Hence, when you think outside of your box, you take your ideas out and up to the next level, letting them soar and expand. You may be surprised at how much easier it is for you to develop new concepts when you think about the project from another’s point of view or angle, contrary to yours.


Do you have tips that help you be more creative? We would really like to hear them @tagteamdesign.