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Stay Creative With Us


Having a “creative block”? It’s ok, stay creative with us! At Tag Team Design, we know the importance of creativity to accomplish anything design-wise! In fact, we ourselves at time face, what you might call, creative cramp ups! Try staying creative with these tips:

1. Get Away from the Computer

This shouldn’t have to be said, but it is critical! Give your eyes and mind a break and walk away from digital land! Focus your eyes for 5-10 minutes on the farthest distanced object out in front of you. This will help you reconnect and clear your head from the “screen.”


2. Take a Walk

So get going! Get up, walk out of your office and start moving. Stretch your legs and take a loop around your office or better yet, step outside and take a brisk walk to a close destination. One study suggests a daily walk is not only good to increase your energy, but boosts Vitamin D, that’s important for bone and immunity health and lowers your body’s risk of disease.  


3. Take a Little Nap

Don’t go full-blown pillow and blanket on us, but a quick 5 minute close of your eyes and resting your head back or a 20-30 minute nap can boost your awareness, improve your mood and get you back to that great designing work!


4. Pull out a Sketchbook and Start Doodling

Do you keep a book at your desk? And plenty of HB pencils?? Set some time aside and just sketch. It’s easy to get tied up with technology and taking the easy route with going right to Photoshop and creating your comps there. There’s great benefit to you though, as an artist to get out that old pad and go old school. The 99U says sketching can extend your memory, aid concentration and allow for brain flexibility. “Because of our brain’s limited processing capacity, externalizing our ideas on paper makes it easier to restructure them, transforming the initial structure into a new one.” (


5. Listen to some motivational music

Music is a great way to unwind and let those ideas start flowing again. Since music spurns a dopamine release which is connection with motivation it is implied that music can actually increase learning and memory.


6. Watch a how-to video or listen to a informational video

Sometimes this helps get you thinking and creating again! Just remember to limit to a few at a time, so as not to completely get defocused!


7. Restrict yourself to one idea and try expand it

By limiting your thoughts to one specific idea, even if its not the one you want to further, can help you start building upon it. Try to go as far as you can with that one idea and the result may be that you find several new ideas along the way, that are worth pursuing!


8. Take something old and rework it

Open up a past project or uncompleted one and start working on top of it. See what happens.


9. Collaborate with others

Call or email a fellow designer. Go on socials, share your project. Get some feedback and hear others great thoughts and ideas! Collaborate and you shall succeed.


10. Collage ideas from other places or friends and build something new!


See our awesome infographic above. Make sure to save it as a quick guide to look back at whenever you feel you need some techniques to get creative again!