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7 Tips to Improve Your Website Design Creativity

The best website designers always look for tips to improve their creativity and to provide them with inspiration and excitement.

For many, looking at other websites is a good start. This might include reviewing both good and bad sites. Quality websites can spark creativity. Poor examples of designs can help designers learn which mistakes to avoid; however, no designer merely wants to copy or avoid the work that other designers have done.


With that in mind, consider these tips to help boost creativity.


1. Seek Inspiration Outside the Internet

Designers shouldn’t spend too much time looking for samples online. There are many different sources of inspiration for creative people. These might include other types of published works, building design, and even natural scenes.


2. Learn About Color

Sometimes it helps just to learn more about complementary colors. A good place to start might be this primer about the color wheel from a local Denver painting company. Again, many of the same concepts that improve home design can also improve website design.


3. Learn About Fonts

The size and shape of the letters on the page can impact the readability of a site. It can also impact the impression that site makes on visitors. Website designers need to know which fonts look professional and fit with the tone of a particular business.

4. Consider Using Site Backgrounds

A few years ago, designers were advised not to use backgrounds because of bandwidth; however, it’s possible to optimize these images to help them load fast. Also, most users have high-speed connections today. Backgrounds might be more of a consideration for mobile versions of websites.



5. Learn Photoshop

Designers who have mastered tools like Photoshop can create just about any visual image that they or their clients can imagine. There are plenty of resources online that can help designers gain or improve their software skills.


6. Try Starting With a Drawing

Many designers start out with their web design software or even coding right into HTML. It’s much easier for many creative types to begin laying out their basic design on paper.



7. Browse the Internet

There are lots of examples of both great and poor websites that can be found on the Internet. Consider looking for winners of web design contests to find clever ideas and quality website designs. For examples of things to avoid, there are also lists of the worst sites. In some cases, looking at badly designed sites can be as educational as reviewing great ones.


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