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8 Essential Qualities for a Designer

What qualities does it take to be a designer?
Anyone can learn to be drawing or Photoshop, but to succeed as a designer and we should say, to stay a designer, there are some skills in addition to creative ones, you should have or start developing now…


To be a great designer takes more than just artistry, you have to have energetic passion and excitement for what you’re doing. Researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK found that people who are happy at work are about 12% more productive. So, get happy!

Have an appropriate level of energy somewhere between asleep and hyper. LOL. Something between these…


You know, people skills. You do have clients! Also, how do you communicate and engage with your fellow employees? Sometimes, we as designers tend to be the more eccentric and introverted personalities. We are the meditators, the deep-thinkers, the quiet, the inquisitive. But that’s why we make such awesome designers, right?

Problem Solving

This is essential to be a good designer. The reality is a good designer makes practical choices and smart decisions in their workflow. A project will require you overcome problems, difficulties, some large, some small. Just remember, that’s a large part of your job too. Being a great problem solver = a great designer! Unleash your inner Sherlock!

Coffee Lover

We just had to include this one. Coffee’s very important to designers. Believe us. Fire up another pot!

Ability to laugh freely and accept criticism

You have to be able to do both of these things. Part of staying creative and open-minded in this field is being easygoing on yourself and others. Also, you have to fight your built-in perfectionist spirit (we know it’s hard). So, take it easy.  Life really isn’t that serious. Your work is important, but you’re supposed to enjoy it! Carpe diem!

Ability to identify good from bad design

You probably already have this skill. You see a logo design on a truck in traffic or at on that new restaurant that opened and you’re like “ew!” 75% of web users make choices on credibility of sites based on its design. So, you also have the ability should identify your own designs as either effective or not. This will make you more of an asset as a designer who can “correct” themselves and improve their own work even before other comment on it.


Follow trends, but be a trendsetter. The greatest designers started their own style and became well-known for it. We aren’t saying you’re going to necessarily become famous by doing “your own thing” on that next team design project just don’t lose your own personal style and excitement for trying the new in your work.


A fancy way of saying sticking to good ideas. Related to originality but different in recognizing that every idea that comes to your head isn’t going to be a great fit for your current project or client. Having the power to separate your ideas and give them the best application possible will definitely take you a step above other designers.

Note: The above is absolutely not supposed to be taken as 100% serious. Also, there is no sure way to test these (mostly fictitious) facts above about essential qualities in designers. But, we sure hope you all out there (shout out to our fellow designers) got a laugh or two from our article!

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