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App design or responsive web design? Guest Blogger

It’s hard, if not impossible, these days to find business men and women without smartphones.

Whether it’s an exchange of “digital business cards” on a mobile phone or a new app that can predict a company’s expected output, or maybe even some secretive online shopping from the back of a meeting room, everyone has a smartphone for business.

If your company wants to target business clientele, then developing a user-friendly, smartphone app might just be a smart move. Apps are a great and easy way to catch large audiences, and if successful, they can be an even greater way for you to reach your business model out to the mobile client. Smartphone apps have all the benefits a computer screen doesn’t have: they are mobile, fun and easy to use, and almost more common than computer screens in the age of modern media. At least, this is what companies are made to believe.

Turns out, apps aren’t always the best way to go. In fact, studies have shown that users spend far less time on mobile apps than they would simply browsing the Internet. Browsing gives the user complete autonomy to fish the site as they wish – they aren’t confined to the walls created by apps that prevent users from seeing all a company has to offer on its website. Plus, there are so many mobile apps, and so little space, it’s hard to stand out. If you want to extend your company to the mobile business client, developing a mobile-friendly, user-friendly, responsive website might just be your best option. Websites for smartphones may sound daunting at first, but it’s all about the responsive design – if you can master the “hook” to get your audiences’ attention, you will get more followers than expected.


Here are some helpful statistics on the mobile business client to keep in mind:



Infographic by: tollfreeforwarding


Guest Post:

This blog was written by Ivan Serrano, for more of his work visit Ivan Serrano’s Google + page