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Bringing Your Website Design To The Next Level With Distinct Panels

Much has changed over the last 20 years since the internet started taking over the world. The initial instinct of creating any website was to just get the information on the page with a few graphics that hopefully make it look good for the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Back then there wasn’t any real expectation for a business to have a great web design. It was treated as more of a luxury item since most sales were done in person or over the phone. As we all know, it has transformed into something else entirely. No longer can you not have a website for your business, in fact, if your business does not have a website then you’re just not competitive in your field. It has become a necessity for any business to be located online and sell products online. This is for many reasons but that’s not going to be our focus in this article. Having a website is now the standard, any company has the potential to stand out with a beautiful web design denver. There’s certain design principles that become popular each but there’s some that seem to stick it out no matter what. No that comes to mind is having distinct panels.

By distinct panels I mean literally having different sections that would bring people to different areas of your website. These can be represented by different pictures, different colors, or whatever else you have in mind. As long as there is an obvious difference between the sections then you are creating distinct panels.

This can be a great way of moving people around the different areas of your website. By having different representations you can put a unique design together that will give visitors a sense of having fun but with purpose; the more visitors want to explore your site the more likely they are to return. The more unique your site is the more it will stick out in their memory. This is not to say that they will go around telling all their friends about the crazy cool site they had visited that day but when your service or product comes up in conversation they could remember your site by its uniqueness all because you created a different kind of look with a panel design that was simple to put together. This is why more designers have started to switch their focus back to panel designs in 2018. For any designer this provides a distinct look that they know will help a site stick out and that offers a lot of opportunity to switch between pictures/colors to create a fun way to be able to explore any site.

As an added bonus, you can also reduce the amount of words that you would need on a given page so it’s not so content heavy. As you may know, most people don’t like spending a ton of time reading so by bringing down the content you can potentially reduce the amount of visitors leaving your site being that there’s just too much going on words-wise. You’ll no doubt see a lot of people claiming that the more words you have the more likely people are going to read it for the information. The truth of it is that most people are looking for an answer which leads them to reading section titles rather than content until they’ve found the actual content they need to read to find their answer. You can use this to your advantage. Having different panels can allow you to have just a picture with the title on it, reducing the amount of time people need to roam through content. Then by clicking that specific section they bring up just the content they were looking for in the first place.

All and all, there are many advantages of using a distinct panel design for your website in 2018. There are many that I have not touched on but with a little research I’m sure you could figure out more reasons. It’s something that’s coming back in after being out for a while and I think that’s for good reason. It’s a unique look that focuses more on visual appeal rather than content and since people come to a site for answers, it gives you the opportunity to have something aesthetically pleasing while giving focus points to find the answers. It’s up to you if it’s something you want to adopt on to your site but it’s great for a new modern look and something I think you should definitely consider.