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3 Reasons You Should Be Building Backlinks

Since its inception, digital marketing has become something completely different from what it started out as. It now is something more than just repeating specific words over and over again. It is the practice of bringing quality content that actually has a benefit to the millions of people performing searches every day. The emphasis now is to increase understanding across all industries so that no matter what you look for, you’ll get what you came for. This is has been a key factor to the increase in popularity for digital marketing, as well as, increasing the importance of the ethical practices behind “new-age” Denver SEO. Despite the emphasis on content quality, there is still a couple other factors that increase your rankings on Google searches. What still remains after so many years as one of the top ranking factors is backlinks.

In its original conception, Google’s formula was built as a way to create a more trustworthy way to search for anything that you wanted without having to worry about the validity of the information. The idea was that the more references a given site has from other sites the more trustworthy it was. There’s tons of other factors that are now considered, with up to 600 changes per year to the algorithm, but the core concept of backlinks referring to your site remains the same (with an emphasis on sites with high domain authority).

Backlink building should be a big factor in any company’s marketing strategy. It still carries the same relevance that it always has and if anything has become even more important due to the fact that having a website for your company is now a standard, meaning, that is no longer a digital marketing strategy but just apart of a marketing strategy as a whole being that if you don’t rank high on Google search then you’re just missing out on business.

If you don’t quite believe in the necessity of building backlinks then here’s a few things to consider:

Increases Domain Authority and Trustworthiness

This is one of the basic tenets of backlink building; the more links you have pointing back to your site, the higher your site will rank on Google. Kind of, sort of. Realistically, this is possible but takes quite a bit of time to really establish good authority. You have to have actual high ranked sites pointing to your site instead of any link. There are some factors that are out of your control as well, like, the age of your website for example. If done the right way though (with patience and persistence) you can increase your domain authority and take your place in the top ten results on Google.

High Ranks on Google = Higher Traffic

It certainly is true that if you’re not in the top ten in results then you’re not getting traffic. Albeit, this is not happening 100% of the time. Studies have shown that the higher you rank the more traffic you will get with number one spot getting the most traffic out of all results. If you think about it logically then you will probably come to the conclusion that there is a reason that a business is in the number one spot. The number one spot is the answer you’re looking for so why click anywhere else when you’re answer is right there. Needless to say, the more clicks the more potential conversions (clients) a company will see.

Better Reputation

The higher your domain authority climbs, so will your reputation, hence, why this is referred to as trustworthiness as well. This will help with building your reputation overall, with people seeing you in the search results and believing that you are truly an expert in your field. As apart of you building your reputation, this will also help you spread your opinions (blog posts and articles) further, therefore, cementing yourself as an authority.