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Building a Quality Brand: What You Should Know

A brand is the identifying mark of your business. How can you build a quality one? The key to building your brand is first determining what makes you different or sets you apart in your field. What do you have to offer to your clients? Why do you have an advantage over competing companies? What benefits do you offer to your potential consumers?

Here’s a few things you should know:

Your brand will create an emotional relationship with the public.  When people see your brand, it should spurn a specific response or effect on them. An example of this reaction is Google. When people see the primary colors and the big G, they know their trusted internet search tool is close and they are ready to access it.

Your brand is not just a logo. Your brand is determined, not simply by your logo but the essence of your business. When your business defines recognizable values and propositions, you are in a better position to match design elements with those in building a complete brand. Some questions to consider in this process include: What are two or three distinctive traits of your business? How do you want to be presented professionally? What perception goals do you have with your clients? What style will reach your intended audience? This is not an overnight process. However, though it should be well-thought out, a simple, authentic design is often best!

Your goal should be the growth of your business. Your initial efforts should also allow for future expansion of your brand. Think about building a brand that can be transformed into variations with the passing of some time and/or for special occasions. Back to the example of the Google logo, notice they keep their basic look but edit the design look based on days.

What is your business’ heritage? What’s it’s origin and history? What do the founders of the company stand for? How does your company want to develop these now and into the immediate future? Such considerations will allow you to continually interact with your customers on a fresh, involving basis, as well as sending out a positive emerging message to the public.

You should compare competition before you begin. Study what they are doing. Notice their brands, including the styles, colors, typefaces used. This allows you to begin to set yourself apart, by recognizing common trends and how you can take them next level through your brand.

Continue with the goal of creating a fresh, new, unique look which reflects the benefits associated with your brand. What is your main product? What is the vision of your company? What known consumer behaviors can you tap into through your brand? What common desires exist in your field between business and consumer?

Building a brand is not a speedy process. It takes marketing research, goal consideration, business value estimation and is completed with time and team effort. However, as a result, you will have a good idea as to what your business needs and goals are for a brand.

Now, you’re ready to start designing your brand. We are waiting for your call.

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