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How to sell more through your website in 2017

Ready to sell more in 2017?

You know the best way to achieve this goal is to market through online sales.

Here are the top five areas you should consider in your process to build the website which fulfills your business needs and will ensure more sales for you this year!

Build a Great eCommerce Platform

Why? To get ready for selling products and services through your site, you have to start with a strong eCommerce platform. In recent years, more sites offering these have become available and have gained popularity in their increasing effectiveness in helping business sell more – easy and fast!

How to do it? Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce sites online now, hosts over 200,000 online stores businesses from small to large, interact and track their sales with customers. With an easy to use backend dashboard, it gives you the option to post products, pricings, add to your cart, go through online checkout process, post blogs for your business and easily create templated pages within your site. Shopify allows you to continually add to your site’s content and layout. Woocommerce, another leading eCommerce site, gives you many of the same abilities. Magento, BigCommerce and SquareSpace are just a few others which include ecommerce options to build your custom website.

Stick with a Simple Design

Why? There is beauty in simplicity. In reality, some of the largest online sites employ a very simple, practical webpage layout. Typically, the homepage as the driving force of conversion rate optimization (CRO), will fundamentally include: easy-to-use navigation, search bar, feature banners and a most popular product listing.  

How to do it? Take a look at websites like Target or BestBuy. You will see these sites are practical and simple. Their ultimate goal, as should be yours is to give an experience on your website that will create a new customer out of your visitor!

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Ready

Why? In addition to eCommerce, you also want to make sure to consider mCommerce. Do not skip this step! It’s extremely important and beneficial to your business to market to the mobile side. Currently, more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone and over 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. In addition to responsive design, this includes creating a mobile-friendly experience of your website.

How to do it? Most platforms offer a responsive feature when you purchase your site plan. However, you may want to implement additional features on your individual pages to ensure your site is mobile-ready. This includes user phone experience, testing across different size devices, quality design and content, order of content within page (remember, the layout will stack vertically on phone, vertical versus horizontal for tablets, etc.)

Consider Including Pop-ups

Why? We know what just went through your head, “Did I read that right?” Yes, yes you did! Pop-ups have been found to be highly effective in converting sales.

How to do it? Think about the call-to-action on your popup. Will you be offering an incentive (discount, email deals, newsletter) in return for their information? Also, the design of your popup should be unique to your brand with the goal of grabbing and keeping your visitor’s attention.

Focus on Images vs Text

Why? Think for a minute: “When you were looking to buy a product online, would you rather have a block of text describing it to you, followed by a purchase button or a crisp, detailed photo of the product with visual color and size?

How to do it? Think of your eCommerce site like an extension of Instagram. The popularity of this social network has surpassed even others because…images dominate! Focus on incorporating high-quality images that promote your products/services and grab attention.


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Article by Zipporah Schumaker