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Building relationships through your website

Twenty years ago, business websites served as little more than information portals. What product does the company sell? What hours does the company keep? A decade ago, company websites morphed into sites that also offered customers the opportunity to provide feedback. How was our service? Are you happy with your order? Today, company websites have taken things a step further and focus on strengthening relationship.

At TagTeam Design we believe websites are all about connection.

Here are 5 ways creative web designers can connect you with with your customers:

1. Establish a team member page.

Whether you are selling IT services or gluten-free cupcakes, people want to see who they are working with. One of the most popular pages on company websites is the team member page. Names and faces give personality to a company and take an organization from cold to personal.

2. Offer an About page.

Maybe it’s obvious what your company does. If your company name is Web Design Denver for instance, how much information do you really need to offer? And yet, believe it or not, your customers want to know how you became who you are today. A little history with a photo thrown in of your first office in the basement of your parents’ house could go a long way. Customers love story.

3. Include a phone number.

Depending on your industry, you may or may not want to include a phone number. One of the most accessible sites in the world–Facebook–is known for not offering phone support. However, studies show that having a phone number on the average company site will result in higher conversions vs. not offering a phone number. Even if the product or service can be purchased exclusively online, customers feel more confident in a company who extends a number and offers to listen. Frankly, it feels more legitimate.

4. Post social media links.

Speaking of Facebook, social media is a great way to build relationships with your clients. Posting quick pictures of your product or sharing positive reviews is fast and easy. Golden rule: Make sure, above all else, you respond to people who interact with you on social media.

5. Allow comments.

Especially if you blog, allow your readers to make comments and ask questions. Not only will this help you understand what your customers are thinking, it will also keep your website fresh and show potential clients that there is a real human being behind the site.

Bottom line: building relationships online isn’t just for dating websites anymore.


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