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Creating Content for Your Website

As a web design company, we know the importance of inbound marketing in today’s online environment. Inbound marketing, which consists of tempting consumers to visit your website, relies upon engaging and relevant content. While the point of all of your marketing is to increase revenues, you also offer to inform, educate, or engage visitors to get them to stop by to hear the rest of your message. However, as a website development company, we also know that compiling enough content for a live website is one of the biggest hurdles that our clients commonly face.

Content Providers

Content providers usually employ freelance writers who are professional content creators. WriterAccess, with the slogan, “SMALL ARMY OF WRITERS. BIG RESOURCE IN THE CLOUD,” has provided us and our clients with professional service at an affordable price. Available writers include everybody from industry specialists to professional journalists. Customers can choose different service levels from do-it-yourself orders to managed products, complete with professional editing. Here is some more information about how WriterAccess works.

Hire In-House Copywriters 

Some company management feels more comfortable with the idea of having in-house copywriters. These might be local writers or even local industry specialists. LinkedIn is a large business-to-business social network with any kind of writer, blogger, or expert imaginable listed. For example, here is a page on LinkedIn that lists the top 25 freelance writers in Denver.

If your company is very specialized or technical, you may want to get content provided by an industry professional or local figure who is not really a professional writer. What new donut franchise wouldn’t want an endorsement by a Denver Bronco or popular member of city government? If you want to search online for these resources, LinkedIn is also a good starting place.

Video and Graphics Content

Other great inbound marketing tools include video and graphics. These types of content can help make your website more engaging, and they are also popular on large social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, articles might be better for involved explanations, but video and graphics can deliver a message very quickly. People are very visual, and visual content has been proven to convert very well on the Internet.

Web Design Company Denver 

At Tag Team Design, a creative agency in Denver, our graphics team works very hard to deliver graphics for both print and Internet use. We can design landing pages, infographics, brand logos, and much more. We find that the most effective websites combine the use of text, graphics, and video in order to appeal to the widest audience possible.


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