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5 Common and Avoidable Web Design Mistakes

If you are in the process of working on a business or ecommerce web design for your company, you may feel a bit frustrated at times.

After all, getting things “just right” can be difficult.

However, when you spend the extra time, the resulting page will look great and offer your visitors and/or customers an immersive user experience that is sure to impress. Sometimes when you are working on something as big and complicated as designing a web page, the key is to figure out what NOT to do—what you need to do will come naturally. For starters, avoid these five common (and avoidable) web design mistakes.

Stuffing Your Site

Overfilling your site just to fill it is a serious mistake that can have serious consequences. Too much content, pictures that do not serve a purpose, an abundance of video and “clutter” will detract from the usefulness of the site. Sometimes, less is more. Follow this mantra and offer your visitors a clear path to the most important information they can find on your page.

Poor Quality Photos and Graphics

Pixilated pictures and old, outdated graphics will make your site immediately look less trustworthy and sloppy. Customers are drawn to a polished, attractive site. This means including only those graphics that are attractive, up-to-date and well optimized. Creating custom graphics can add a nice personal affect to your website making your website unique.

Non-Traditional Navigation

While it can be tempting to include a navigation system for your page that pushes the envelope and makes your site stand out, it will drive away customers. A traditional means of navigation with either a top bar or left or right column menu is often best.

Using Flash

A few years ago, Shockwave Flash was “the thing” in web design. However, it has quickly become an outdated technology. Flash is not mobile friendly (this is critical), and it will also slow your site down and may detract from your SEO performance. Avoiding Flash, if at all possible, is key.

Not Offering Search

As part of your ecommerce web design, you need a search bar. Customers do not always want to browse your site page by page and may want to find the one item they want through the search. Not offering a search bar could be a major misstep.

Another option is to work with a professional designer. This can help you get professional results and hopefully grow your business—taking it to the next level. When it comes down to it, web design is a competitive business.

So, if you do go the professional route, choose to work with the best.

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