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10 Essentials For A Successful Ecommerce Website

Is it time to set up an ecommerce website? Taking your company online isn’t so much a strategic business decision as it is a necessity for responsive development. Multichannel selling is how smart Denver businesses are growing. Forrester Research estimates that U.S. consumers will spend up to 327 billion dollars online by the year 2016.

Once the decision to develop an ecommerce site is made, what essentials does it need for success? Consider 10 must-haves for your new ecommerce website design.

1. FAQ Page

An informative FAQ page allows you to make your new site end-user friendly. Focus your answers on questions about ordering online. For example, how to use shopping carts and access shipping information; things they need to know to get through the process of buying virtually.

2. Search Bar

This allows your buyers to find what they are looking for easily. A frustrated end-user will move on to the next website to buy.

3. Easy Checkout

Many shoppers take the time to find what they want , then get to checkout and run. You can convert window shoppers to buyers with a simplified checkout process.

Provide as many purchasing options as possible, such as PayPal and credit/debit card use.
Supply them with shipping options with estimated dates of arrival. Studies indicate consumers want to see delivery dates and may abandon the purchase without them.

4. Social Media Links

Social media should always be part of your marketing formula. It is free advertising for your brand and products and critical for small businesses looking to bring in more local traffic. Add a button or two for effective social media marketing in Denver.

5. Responsive Web Design

This means your ecommerce web design detects and responds to the device. You want a mobile friendly website for everything from product searches to checkout.

6. Clear Product Pictures

An image is a key selling point, so make sure your visitors can see what you have to offer, no matter what device they are using to shop.

7. Secure Website

Consumers know to look for the padlock icon in the address when buying online. You need to keep buyers safe by using an encrypted, secure platform, too. Make sure to mention the site is secure on the page to show you care.

8. Free Shipping Option

Nothing says buy here like free shipping. Set a purchasing limit for free shipping to get the most out of this feature and encourage them to spend more.

9. Product Descriptions

A product description is just good SEO. It enhances your position in the Google ranks. Add an ALT tag for your product images, as well.

10. Contact Info

If you want to sell online, be ready to provide good customer service to bring your buyers back for more. An address and phone number lets people know you are a real business with a physical location and people working there.

Ecommerce is a practical next step for web design in Denver and something businesses should consider a necessity to grow.


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