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What Website Design Company is best for you?

You recognize that to succeed in today’s highly-competitive online market, you need to deliver the best brand experience to visitors to your website. There are many options out there for web design; Denver offers both local organizations and online companies are always a choice. Independent and multinational firms both offer benefits and drawbacks. The key to getting the best results from your website involves finding the right agency to deliver your company’s message. Learn more about the three main types of web designers available so you can decide which option is best to create and maintain your company’s web presence.

  • Big Shot Design Firm – These companies offer impressive portfolios and may have worked with top-name clients. These large design houses have access to the best software and likely employ design experts who follow the latest trends. However, when you work with a big firm, you will pay big firm prices. In addition, you are always going to be just another customer—if you want one-on-one service, you may be a bit disappointed by the customer service.


  • Mid-Size Web Design Company – Many companies find a mid-size web design team to be the perfect solution. These designers offer a good balance between knowledge and service. With a mid-size designer, you will usually talk to a real person when you call for assistance. Though the company may not know your industry intimately, they are usually willing to put the time and effort into the project to delivery results that exceed your expectations.


  • Independent Web Designer – A one-person design firm or freelance designer may be the most affordable option, but you may have to make a few sacrifices to save on the price. When you are only dealing with one person, he or she may not be able to get to your project quickly, so your project may have to wait. Additionally, the level of knowledge and technical expertise is likely not as high as with an established firm and may lack in quality.

As you can see, choosing a Denver web design firm is an important first step in building your online presence. Spend some time thinking about what you hope to accomplish with your website and it should make determining whether you should work with an independent freelancer, mid-size designer or big-shot organization a much easier decision. Then, once you have decided on this, you can sit down with your chosen designer and work out the details putting together a site that will help your online presence flourish.

Although I only mentioned three main types of web designer types, not every website design company falls directly under these categories or descriptions. You may find an independent designer that will blow your mind with amazing work, or you may even find a big shot design firm that lacks in creativity. Either way make sure you do a lot of research before choosing your web design company. Don’t forget to ask for examples of their work, and contact information of past clients so you could get their side of the design work.


We like to see ourselves as a Mid-Size web design company, and love to get to know our clients and watch them grow. See what our web design team could do for you and request a free consultation here!

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