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Tag Team Designs’ Favorite (Recent) Shark Tank Products

There’s no denying that as of the last thirty to forty years our technology has been exponentially growing. What does this mean exactly? What it means is that we’ve entered an age of innovation. Everything has evolved and new technologies seemingly come out every day. It seems almost impossible to keep up with everything. Even with social media, we still can’t comprehend the sheer amount of technology that is now available to us. Instead of having to do a search, trying to constantly stay on top of everything, I’ll give you a list of the top 4 products/technologies we liked from the latest season of Shark Tank.



So we may be a bit biased here since we work with computers all day, every day but realistically, who doesn’t anymore? You don’t even have to be a denver web design company to appreciate the amount of time just about everybody spends looking at a screen.

The idea here is to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to when spending a lot of time looking at computer screens. These glasses are special for those that may be using digital products for at least 2 hours a day (83% of Americans daily). Doctors don’t actually know the long-term effects of constant screen exposure, so it’s best to protect yourself while you still can.



The perfect fit for that thought that inevitably ends up wrestling around in my head, “Did I turn the stove off!!??” I’m sure I’m not the only one either. Actually, I think this is far too common unfortunately.

You’re solution is here. Instead of having to go through the expensive task of replacing your entire stove, these smart knobs turn your stove into a smart stove. With the knobs and a smart sensor, you can control everything (even from an app on your phone). The smart sensor uses bluetooth technology to detect smoke or gas to turn off your stove, it will also keep track of the area and if no one comes in the kitchen for 15 minutes will automatically turn your stove off, and you can lock your stove knobs through the app!



You’ve probably heard of global climate change and greenhouse gases being a source of problems for the entire world. What you might not know is that sometimes it’s the basic needs of life that can contribute the most to the pollution we face every day. While studying climate change in Qinghai in 2007, Dr. Catlin Powers discovered that there was a vast amount of pollution in the area due to people cooking food in their tents. From there she set out with Scot Frank to change these conditions. The Solsource Solar Cooker was born.

This innovative device utilizes the power of the sun to cook food on pans rated for temperatures up to 550 degrees F. Not only does it reduce the energy cost but also the emission of harmful gases. There is a portable version you can take with you anywhere that conveniently folds or a set version that is perfect for the likes of backyard cookouts.



The record player that you didn’t know you needed.

It’s no longer the most popular style to play music but if you grew up in the era that preferred record players, then you’re in luck. It is not meant to upstage the classic record player but the thing itself packs quite a punch and you can’t put a price on a mobile record player that can help everyone partake in the fun of your best albums. Set as a tiny box with four rubber wheels and a needle, it gives you the mobility you would expect from digital music but with the classic sound of a record player.