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Integrating Social Media: Benefits to You and Your Website Part IV

Building and Maintaining Your Business Relationships Part I


You have beautifully integrated social media into your website! Good business move! Want to hear another one?


Building and maintaining your relationships on your social channels.


People are everywhere. On social media they are! You have begun to tap into this world of followers who may or may not have been to your website but have joined in with you online socially.


That is awesome news for you!


Remember once a follower, always a follower.


You should invest time and energy into building these relationships for your business. Here’s some ways to engage and interact with your followers eventually driving traffic to your website:


Easily promote your product or service on your social page. It’s fast, easy and free! Just think, you can reach a 1,000 people for a fraction of the cost of a television ad or billboard but with the same or greater effectiveness than traditional advertising! Don’t make your post a “selly sermon.” Studies show that people now are more interested in being educated about a product than having it sold to them! Strive to reach your target audience by being informative and engaging in your posts. Think about including testimonials, reviews and other details about your product/service that will encourage people to come to your site and check it out! You can also have a direct two-way communication with your followers. This will also promote your product or service and allow you to strengthen your relationship with potential clientele and consumers. The more you do on social media, the more you can outdo your competitors and gain more market share.


Have incentives or promotions to drive from social media to your website. Reward your followers, offer discounts through your website or giveaways. Run a contest on your social that links back to your website!


Increase your email subscribers. Adding more email subscribers to your list can eventually drive them to your website. Though email is not a new form of online communication, 91% of consumers use email daily. This also helps you build a list of relevant contacts for your business and website.


What about those followers who have visited your website?


Retarget with social media. You can specifically target advertisements to people who viewed your website. In addition, customers may interact with you by watching a video, subscribing to your email list, liking your post, re-pinning some of your content etc. It’s important for you to keep people interacting with your brand. They will then be more likely to buy from you and hence, visit your website!


Encourage repeat customers. An average study reports it costs a business 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one. Engage your repeat customers by social media by posting specific relevant content for them and staying connected in on your channels daily. Your customers can then remember you for when they are again in need of your product or service.


Collect customer feedbacks. When you launch a new product or even a new business concept or idea, collect feedback on your social channels by asking questions, surveying your online audience, starting discussions and gauging interest and gaining feedback.



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Article by Zipporah Schumaker