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Integrating Social Media: Benefits to You and Your Website Part V

Building and Maintaining Your Business Relationships Part II


There’s so many ways you can use social media integration for the benefit of your website and business. We’ve talked extensively about these benefits through our series. In the end though, its about you, your customers and mutual happiness! Social media integration contributes to this blissful union by providing you with many options to stay in contact daily, weekly with your existing and potential customers and to continue building your business relationships. Today we want to conclude this series with a few more tips to doing this and remember the higher you reach with social media, the more successful you’ll be in marketing your brand, business, website!


Engage Your Customers. On social media, you have complete access to engage and interact with your customers. By posting regularly to individuals or to a group group you have an opportunity to build interest in your business and website by making yourself available to them and sharing positive remarks related to your promotion with them.


Strive to get to know them as you would in a face-to-face setting. What are their wants, needs, interests? A newer coined term for this is social listening. Then you can know what to talk about more frequently on your channels and how best to promote to them. All social sites offer different options – Twitter allows you to use an advanced search to monitor what people are saying about keywords whereas on Pinterest you can see what the hottest trends are related to you. By means of this, you can greatly influence your followers’ purchasing decisions by establishing a trustful relationship with your customers through social media. Through social media you can also identify and assist with the concerns of frustrated individuals, apologize, and find a solution. Your response can alleviate stress of your customers and help your business to keep building a good online reputation.


Develop Your Brand. Developing your brand by showing your company and culture on social media can reinforce your brand’s vision and mission, commitment to employee development, and share your company’s journey with your followers. You can develop this through the overall tone and feel of your brand by your page design, content, and online persona and sharing your voice!


On social media, humanizing your brand too can enhance your marketing efforts. One way of doing this is to post regular images and pictures of your customers or employees. Interestingly, studies show that 60% of people learn better visually and of those ones prefers to interact with people not things. Brand mentions also directly affect your SEO rankings. More mentions as a result of your content, following and engagement can increase your business and website’s organic rankings on Google.


We here at Tag Team Design want to encourage you to get out there and start SEO-ing as much as possible following our suggestions. Integrating social media into your website will have lasting benefits to you, your business and your website!

If you need assistance integrating social media or keeping your social pages looking exciting and fresh we are here to help!


Article by Zipporah Schumaker