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How Quality Graphic Design Can Strengthen Your Brand

If images, symbols, color, fonts, pictures, and space impact your ability to learn and influence your thinking, then graphic design plays an important role in your daily life.


With the tens of thousands of messages we are bombarded with each day, I submit to you that graphic design influences your thinking, both consciously and unconsciously. And…that great graphic design stands out, increasing the probability of having an impact on your thought process.


Graphic design is one of those key ingredients that help create a brand that business owners often overlook. I have seen time and time again business owners spending little to no time on their logo and wonder why their company is not as successful as they would like. Having a professional logo helps communicate who you are and give a sense of trust to your clients. People judge the companies they will work with by their logo, and many times will choose who to do business with by the professionalism of their logo. People can tell if your logo was made by your old high school buddy that took an art class in college vs. a professional graphic designer that is passionate about their work.


Having a great logo is the first step of creating a brand identity. Brand identity is very important for any company because it will help bring synergy to your company. Keeping your brand and logo consistent throughout all of your marketing efforts online and offline will attract more clients and increase your credibility. The goal of having a great brand identity is to build your brand to the point where people will recognize it, by the colors, design, font, etc. Creating a branded letterhead is the first step to branding your company, the more printed handouts you have the better. Here is an example of a letterhead we designed for one of our clients, Delta-13. We have created a successful letterhead that incorporates their logos and colors throughout the print materials and their logo.


Letterhead design for Delta-13

Tip: Make sure all of your social media pages are branded with your logo and colors. Keep the featured image consistent throughout your different social media platforms. (Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to get a better understanding.) This will help you build your brand throughout your social media marketing efforts!


Now what are you waiting for? Go and find yourself a good graphic designer or design team to help you build your logo and brand!




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