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The power of infographics on the web

According to a Forbes Magazine article, Use Infographics to Boost Your Credibility and Traffic, 90 percent of the information that people actually remember gets remembered because of its visual impact. Since you invest in Denver SEO, website design, and social media marketing to get noticed by people, this is an important fact to remember.

Meanwhile, anybody involved in website design will tell you that Internet users are tough to engage and easy to distract. The use of infographics, or visual representations of information, is the obvious solution to help you stand out and attract potential customers on your website and social media pages.

Who Uses Infographics Effectively?

Would you like to keep up with Colorado NHL Hockey? Check out this clever infographic about the Colorado Avalanche Rookie Camp. The real purpose of this web page is to sell tickets and push some team gear. Meanwhile, the infographic provides quality content, generates interest quickly, and gives fans something to share on their own social sites.

This type of page does get bookmarked and shared in active conversations on social media marketing websites. That is because of the infographic and not the ads for team jerseys. Hopefully, the graphic will attract hockey fans to the page, and some of those individuals will buy a ticket or a jersey. Nobody would buy anything if the page never managed to attract and engage an audience.

Infographics That Work

If your current Denver SEO has not told you about the power of infographics, your competitors may be doing a better job of engaging your potential audience. Would you like to perk up your social media campaigns? Informational graphics are the perfect medium to use to help promote your business on Pinterest, and you can refer to our Pinterest infographic to learn why you need to market there and this article about how one simple infographic got pinned at least 30,000 times.

Our Denver infographics designers can develop custom graphics for your unique business and audience with these goals in mind:

  • Make a positive and solid impression on the public.
  • Reinforce your brand and marketing message.
  • Increase leads and revenue from shares on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Reduce your website’s bounce rate.
  • Attract new website links that may help grow your traffic and increase search engine rank.


With so many infographics out there these days, it is really important to have a well unique infographic design to help yours stand out from the crowd. Make sure it is branded to you with your logo, colors and fonts.


Learn more about our graphic design team and view some examples from our infographic portfolio.


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